oh! hello, i didn’t see you there.


i hope to amuse you through the certain mishaps that are bound to occur. believe me, i will have them because i’ve had them before. i just didn’t have a whole site dedicated to them. so you’re welcome for this…?

here’s a lil back story through bullets (i like lists):
– i’m from houston, tx
– i’ve attended private school since pre-k, but i’m not a snob…but a snob wouldn’t openly claim to be snob. or would they? but really, i don’t think i am.
– i’ve lived in austin, tx for 4 years, attending–you guessed it–a private university that i absolutely adored. what up hilltoppers. st. edward’s i love you. (b.a. in communication with a minor in photocommunication)
– i will now be living back in houston. in my parents’ house with my younger brother (by 2 years)
– why? because i’m attending the university of houston (m.a. in mass communication)
– to sum it up: i’m gonna be living high school 2.0. also, it doesn’t help that i look like i’m 18, so people might actually think i’m in high school.

hopefully you laugh with me and not at me throughout this trial of living at home after 4 years of freedom.

here’s to you. you seem nice.

song of the post:
“hills and valleys”
the rocket summer

One Response to “oh! hello, i didn’t see you there.”
  1. why am i not mentioned at all?

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