and later we’ll laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh

i’m pretty le tired so this may or may not be comprehensible, but i’m not gonna let that stop me, nah’m sayin?


lets begin with this cricket sit-chee-ay-shun.

so there i was lounging on the bean bag chair minding my own business when nicole pointed to the air vent and was all “what’s that?” i looked in the direction of the pointedness and what d’ya know there’s a cricket perched on it. so i scrambled out of the bean bag semi-successfully. and what does nicole do? grab a towel to throw at it. meanwhile, adriana’s talking to her dad on the phone. we showed her the cricket and she said, “f#$% that.”

needless to say 3-4 items were thrown unsuccessfully at the cricket, and it decided to seek refuge in the vent from which it came. now, fast forward 2 days later. i wake up, walk into the bathroom, look in the sink and i see the stupid cricket. so what did i do? got a towel and covered the sink and called it a day. i came back later and it was gone. so i ran the water. don’t judge me. i didn’t know what to do.

on to more exciting things.

this past weekend, i was facebooking, because what else am i gonna do to procrastinate packing? and mah friend, nikki aka nicole…different nicole, was asking for someone to take her place as a production assistant for american idol in austin. naturally, i was all SHYEAH.

so today was my first day. i learned a lot about american idol. technically, i’m not allowed to talk about it. it was compared to fight club. if ya know what i’m sayin. so it doesn’t exist, but it’s been around for a long freakin time. however, i will cover the highlights.

1. it’s a 12 hour shift from 4am-4pm
2. the people i was working with are awesome
3. i had to wear a headset and walkie talkie. did i use them? o’course not.
4. there were a lot of people in line, and we were busy with registration for a solid 3 hours.
5. no, i didn’t see any of the celebrity judges, i don’t think they’re in town yet…
6. i think i was filmed, because there was this cameradude over my shoulder for a while and then on the opposite side of the table filming what was happening.
7. i may watch american idol this season.

all in all, it’s been a pretty eventful weekend/beginning of the week.

aaand i still haven’t finished packing.

mah bad.

also, i was trying for a good 30 minutes to get a decent picture of austin powers up, which obviously  would have had nothing in common with this post. i just really want to watch an austin powers movie. yes, i do realize my exquisite taste in film.

peace out (think kip from napoleon dynamite)

“chelsea dagger”
the fratellis


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