pick up, pack up, clean up

this past week has been ridiculous.

for starters, i worked 4 days for american idol in 12+ hour shifts. i helped with a lot of behind the scenes stuff, and i’m not really sure what i can share without giving too much away. but if you MUST know SOMETHING, just ask. and no, i didn’t see any of the judges, because they haven’t been selected yet.

now, i have to address the issue of moving out, which in itself was a great setup for disaster. however, it went surprisingly well given that my family made the trip up to help. with a uhaul. and i hadn’t exactly finished packing either.

my mom told me they were leaving at 9am, i get a call at 9:30 from my mom saying that they were halfway to austin. confused? i was. so i didn’t have time to pack everything. family arrives and immediately starts complaining about the lack of preparedness and drinks. we had water, but that wasn’t cutting it. and to top it all off it was my dad’s birthday, so he wanted to pick up, pack up, and head back.

cut to nicole and josh coming over to help. my dad was calling it an estate sale. whatever they saw they could keep fo free. so nicole ended up leaving with a chair, sunglasses, cds, and a jacket someone left in my closet one day. josh left with a coffee maker. even though my dad was pestering them to take an indoor grill. i think he would make a good used car salesman.

so that was move out. now, for move in.

horrible. horrible horrible horrible. on the way back to houston, my mom was following me in her car. she refused to go over 65 on the 70 mph highway. literally driving me crazy.

fun story, i never fully unpacked after freshman year. or sophomore year. or junior year. so my room was a tomb of high school and undergrad memories. hence the horrible move in. i don’t even know where the box with my sheets is located. all in all, i’ve got a good week of work in my room ahead of me. ¬†uber pumped.

cheers to unpacking and revving up for the fall semester and your undoubtedly more successful attempts at maintaining your sanity!

“never gonna leave me”

One Response to “pick up, pack up, clean up”
  1. Nicole says:

    OMG where was I for the estate sale?? I could use an indoor grill! EFF.

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