ya know what back to school means? all-nighters, coffee, and delirium!

may i sum up my first full week at home through some conversations between my family?


dad: “how’d you make that kid cry?”
david: “i called him a P.O.S.”
dad: “that’s all you did!?!”
mom: “what’s a ‘P.O.S.?'”
dad: “a piece of shit”
david: “mom, what else would it mean!?!”
mom: “point of sale”
dad: “yeah nina, he said, ‘you little point of sale,’ and THAT made him cry”

mom: “you better not buy a shredder!”
dad: “i’ll buy a shredder if i WANNA buy a shredder! being around us is a hootenanny ain’t it?”

dad: “alyssa, can i move to austin with you?”
me: “dad. i moved back, remember?”
dad: “damn it”

me: “mom, can i get rid of some of these books in the garage sale, or do you want to read them?”
mom: “are they your books or were they required reading [in high school]?”
me: “required”
mom: “get rid of them” said while making a disgusted face made complete by the hint of they-must-be-boring eye twitch.

and my all time favorite that happened today…

dad: “alyssaaa, it’s 10 o’clock, you have school tomorrow!”
me: “dad, i know, but my class isn’t until 5:30”
dad: “oh my gosh! you have to get to bed! and you need to get your backpack ready! you need to gather your pencils & pens, paper, notebooks, parking permit, mace, gun, and your shank!”
me: “that’s really reassuring dad, thanks, and i should probably wear running shoes just in case, right?”
dad: “that’s probably a good idea”
…he was joking. hopefully.

first day of schooooool!

fact. UH = giant
fact. i had a mini panic attack in the bookstore due to the 1, 2, punch of grad school and the size of UH
fact. i have been warned by several people of the dangers sometimes hidden in the parking lots at night
fact. bears eat beets…the office reference…sorry if ya didn’t get it. mah bad.

anywho, i have orientation at like 4:15, then jump right on into class at 5:30…in the same room as orientation. so at least i know i can’t get lost. and of course i’ll probably have another one of these life updates after i’ve attended each class. i’m taking 9 hrs, which is full time….i was taking 12, but was advised to rethink that sit-chee-ay-shun…by my adviser…so i did.

to those still toppin the hill, i salute you. i’m a little envious of yo hilltoppin self. not gonna lie.

to the seniors taking their last ascent, good luck to you! i’m sure you know by now, it goes by fast. it’s almost sonic speed, but not quite. so here are  3 things to keep in mind as you seize the semester/school year:
1) don’t be afraid to stay up a little longer writing that paper/crapstone if it means spending time with friends. you don’t really know when and where you’ll all be together again after graduation. it’s usually worth it, unless it’s drama. and if that’s the case i wouldn’t advise spending too much time with that.
2) don’t worry/stress over things, everything will work out eventually. it’s pretty much mandatory that it does.
3) live it up. but not too cray-cray, because then it’s considered an addiction. and that’s frowned upon once you graduate.

basically, just have fun, and make sure you have your mace/gun/shank handy, too!

happy schooling and/or another monday!

“it’s going”
john gold

3 Responses to “ya know what back to school means? all-nighters, coffee, and delirium!”
  1. Michael says:

    I loved that you said sonic speed…. because that’s what I run slash live at!

  2. Nicole says:

    Enjoy it now because after college, it’s called alcoholism.

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