shasta, if you’re nasty…it’s a janet jackson reference coupled with UH…?

and my weekend begins!

i’ve attended 2 of my 3 classes. i didn’t skip. the 3rd (propaganda) was cancelled today. so i was on campus dilly dallying for 45 minutes for nothing. c’est la vie.

ANYWHO. the 2 classes i HAVE attended (comm theory & television and the family)  seem pretty sweet. also, turns out the distance between the parking lot and the farthest (furthest? i don’t know) building is equal to the distance between moody and the arts building. the parking lot to 1 building. it’s like trekking from one end of campus to the other at st. ed’s. for 1 building. did i mention it’s to ONE BUILDING and all of st. ed’s fits in it? on the uh campus it’s like crossing an eighth of it. so it’s basically like being on a small campus because that’s as far as i’ll need to go.

and it was quite the rude awakening when i realized the breeze would never come. ya know, when you’re walking around the hill and a nice breeze picks up and it doesn’t seem so hot anymore? yeah, that one! it’s gone. at least for me.

speaking of rude awakenings, houston traffic is way different than austin traffic. see, austin traffic consists of a bunch of mild mannered semi/completely stoned (maybe) drivers, whereas houston highways house scary scary (seriously. scary) drivers. i’ve been cut off at least 3 times a day. they are cray cray. and since houston is a wee bit larger than austin, it means i have to leave, like, at least an hour ahead of schedule to allow time for traffic and the occasional unwanted surprise. if i left that early in austin, it would be to go hang out with someone before class.

i feel like i knew all of this information before, but it laid stagnant for 4 years.

oh! and the first thing i heard when i stepped out of my car on monday night was the sound of a trumpeter practicing instead of the hookah smoking bongo player. i don’t know why, but i thought it was kinda funny.

needless to say, i’m pretty excited about the grad program. i would tell you what the classes are like, but i don’t want to bore you any more than i may already  have. AND (i’ve said “and” a lot…) i’ve made like 2 new friends. yes, yes, i know. the social butterfly that i am. pff. haha anyway, i do seek solace in a familiar face! mah fran, christine! she graduated may ‘oh9 from st. ed’s. we’re in the same program and all!  sorry…i’m just really excited now.

i hope your (first) monday back in class, on the job, or looking for a job went well. and if it didn’t, it can only get better, right? hopefully? you’ll be a little optimistic about it? like a tiny bit? good luck? at least the weekend is almost here!

as for my weekend…
festivities, you may commence.

“twist and shout”
the beatles

2 Responses to “shasta, if you’re nasty…it’s a janet jackson reference coupled with UH…?”
  1. Nicole says:

    so i literally felt like that entire last paragraph about hoping to like jobs or getting a job was directed at me lol… anyways i enjoyed the rest of your post and i’m glad you liked your classes! but i am a little sad that propaganda was cancelled because i wanted to hear about it. oh and all the st.ed’s refrences made me a little sad 😦

  2. Danie says:

    I love the total disregard for capitalization and how I can hear you literally saying this as I read it. Oh yeah, I don’t have to go to school again EVER. It sounds like you are taking similar stuff to what I did. Take a gamer class or two, they are cray-cray.

    Love you, good luck

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