wth, idk apa.

oh, herrrooow.

so the pictures i’ve been using for my posts have been pirated from the internetz. THEREFORE, i will try to use some of my photos…which scares me a little.

anyway, this post is about nothing. actually, it’s about really random thoughts i’ve had since the last post.

1. every time i’m on campus i feel like it’s a movie. too bad i’m not joking. i don’t know why, but i think it has something to do with it being such a massive school, so everything has been made or is being renovated to look like it’s been made for baby giants. LIKE THE LIBRARY. oh mah starz. that place is huge. below is a picture i took today on myphone. not iphone. myphone. so yeah it’s super small and really pixellated. mah bad.

2. i’ve been using MLA since 6th grade. and now, all security blankets are torn to shreds because i need to learn APA. i’ve never used APA. like, ever. thankfully, i’ve got a supa sweet friend (nicole engel. if you see her, give her a hug for me) who is hookin me up wit a stylebook. oooh yeeeaaah.

3. i flinch every time a bug flies by me. i don’t know…it’s new. i don’t like it either.

4. rhymes with floor…and i think my eyesight is getting worse. it sucks. [insert bad vampire/straw/vacuum joke here. take yo pick]

5. dvr is possibly the best and worst thing i’ve encountered back at home. all of these movies are recorded and all of these textbooks need to be read. such a predicament! actually, now that i think about it dvr always wins, like, i watched “my sister’s keeper” recently. so so so so so so so so SO SAD.

6. i miss austin. ha. this is number 6. like 6th street…i’m not an alcoholic. i promise.

7. st. ed’s has prepared me for this here grad program. it’s nice knowing what the teachers are talking about. however, the culf classes have yet to come in handy. maybe that will change. hopefully it doesn’t.

8. my driving has become erratic. thus, i am finally back to being a houston driver. ha! just serious. kind of.

9. football season is approaching. both professional (texans) and collegiate (duh) and i have no idea what to do. so anyone with tips? that’d be great. seriously. let me know. i’m new to this texas-football-outside-of-high-school thing. thanks!

10. i have lost my external hard drive, which means that this soap picture could be the ONLY photo i have to offer since everything is on that stupid thing. so please send me good vibes/prayers/lots of crossed fingers…figuratively of course. i really don’t want to get my hopes up if i receive a package from someone then have them horribly horribly dashed when i open it and all i see are a couple of severed fingers. i mean they would be crossed…but still. that’s gross/weird/problematic for an average lifestyle.

just sayin…

“everything is alright”
motion city soundtrack


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