my family likes to make me mad. no, really. they enjoy it.

good news/bad news time.

good news: found my external hard drive! oooooh yeeeeaaaaah. that’s right. kool-aid man style.

bad news: now i can’t find my ipod. all i remember about the last time i used it was thinking “man, i’m not gonna remember where i put this later” so why did i keep it there and not move it? pff. i don’t know. in the meantime, i will continue the search.

anywho. in regards to the title…my dad and brother (david) in particular, thoroughly enjoy making me frustrated/mad. normally, it takes a lot to get me mad, but when they know exactly what to do and say they abuse it. they literally get giddy when i start getting flustered. apparently it’s “hilarious.”

for example. something like this happened last night. there i am. in my room reading for class. surprised? me too. and keep in mind that i’ve already told everyone that i can’t find my ipod and asked to think if they had seen it anywhere, ok? ok. so i’m reading, taking notes, flipping the pages of the book to see how much longer i would have to read…without my glasses on so i can’t really see anything past 2 feet. david stands in the doorway holding out an ipod.
me: “is that my ipod!?!”
david: “i found it in my room. mom probably thought it was mine.”
-pause for rational thinking-
me: “that’s yours, liar.”
david: “ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahaha!”  yep. the turd was holding HIS ipod. so now i’m all sorts of disappointed after being super excited.

it’s the little things like that really make a person’s day.

on to happier notes that create dulcet (gre word) melodies.

ok, so here are a couple of things i’ve discovered/been informed of? since last week…it kinda feels like i’m about to pimp some products:

1. sara bareilles’ new album/cd/lp whatever you want to call it. kaleidoscope heart. sooooo gooooooood. i really don’t think i can stress that enough. SOOOOO GOOOOOOD. maybe i can.

2. i was watching ellen, i seriously love that show, and she had these guys on promoting a documentary/movie/thing they made called “catfish” it looks super sweeet, and if you’re in austin there’s a limited release at alamo drafthouse on s. lamar this friday (9/17). super jealous. there are 3 guys. 2 film-makers follow the brother of one of the film-makers on a quest to meet a girl he met on…drumroll please…facebook! so they go meet her and there’s some crazy twist and i wanna know what it is! so if you go see it. let me know if you liked it.

3. i’ve been on a craft binge. mah bad. and stumbled upon…not the site, like i actually found this on my own. oh haaay! it’s a site called “ps- i made this…” loveLOVElove. home grrl made earrings out of straws. new hero? possibly. if you like clothes, jewelry, and makin stuff…genevieve…take a gander. it’s super cool.

4. who likes entertainment? who likes austin? who knows & loves bianca? word on the street combined with my stalker tendencies on facebook/twitter has shed light on an assignment for an entertainment journalism class at st. ed’s. so, get on/click on the already opened tab for facebook and search for “did you hear?” and give it a lil thumbs up & “like” it! i tried making a link for it, but facebook didn’t want to cooperate.

5. i also figured out how to make an appropriate “blogroll.” took a while. but i got it! so let your eyes venture over to the right side of the screen where you should see something titled…blogroll. under that you’ll see names followed by a verb. those are mah friends and that is what they do. so check those out and be nice to them, please&thanks.

6.  this photo.

is this fo real!?!

umm…i saw this on the way to class. as in before i took the stairs located to the left of this up to my classroom. here’s where i’m confused. call and help with what? to change that status? that’s walking a fine line between guidance/aid (?) and prostitution. sounds illegal. but whatevs. UH, you cray-cray. this is unpimpable…ha sounds like pimple. k, sorry that’s gross.

hope your week’s been less terror more fairer.

happy hump day!

“gonna get over you”
sara bareilles

One Response to “my family likes to make me mad. no, really. they enjoy it.”
  1. Nicole Alvarado says:

    Hahaha omg I heard some reporters talking about that poster. Apparently it’s some sort of wack (not wiggidy-wack, just the regular kind) of promo campaign for a movie coming out. Also–now I know what to do with my Friday…not call about my virginity, go see that Catfish movie…not that I’d need to call them…not that….well. This is awkward.

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