no, hank williams, jr., i’m not ready for some football. give me a sec

i don’t know what it is but after spending time outside in REALLY nice weather followed by a nice cup of coffee is always refreshing. it’s really weird because the coffee is hot…and special thanks to ms. christine pegg for showing me some sweeeet houston coffee shops the other night! much appreciated.

yay for fall! so excited. but i think this weather won’t last that long. wah wah waaah.

anywaaay. according to a lot of sports fanatics, this past weekend was pretty bad. contributing to the madness was the texans/cowboys debacle, which i was fortunately unfortunate to witness live.

here’s a little background on the male counterparts of the palomo family. they love football. they love texas football. they love the texans. they love tailgating. they love tailgating for the texans during the texas football season.

they’ve had season tickets since the texans franchise started and have participated in hard.core. tailgating. and since i was in austin for the past 4 years i rarely made it to a game. so my dad gave me his ticket while he stayed in the parking lot tailgating during the game. it was his idea. promise.

i mentioned how they’re hardcore. they get to the stadium between 8:30 and 9 in the a.m. devoted? yes. crazy? always. they treat their 3 parking spaces like a backyard patio. it’s all very technical. they have 4 flags: texas flag, ‘merca’s (“america” in a southern, white-trash-esque accent) flag, a texans flag, and a beer flag. as in a flag that features an overflowing mug of beer…all i know is by the end of the game, all of my uncles are drunk and somewhat incoherent.

side note: since my dad’s super hardcore with the tailgating, he asked me to help make a flag design for “the crew.” he made one in microsoft paint (the same program i would always use to make ridiculous looking event pictures for facebook events). so i cleaned it up a bit and added my own flair (haha, flair) in InDesign. the picture attached to this post is what i came up with. their mascot is a bull named t. bone and the name of the crew is sit-n-bull. my dad also has a website devoted to his hobby check it if you must.

the game? not gonna lie, it was a bit overwhelming, but it was all good in da hood…until the second half. so you would think that the texans’ loss would have negatively affected everyone, but it didn’t and i was confused. they just kept up the partying and talked about the next game. classy? maybe? i honestly think they just go to games to get crunk. then the cops started circling the parking lots in their golf carts informing us that it was almost 5 pm and we needed to start packing up. yes, 9-5:30 for football festivities. 8.5 hours. not including the time it took to wake david up, pick up one of my uncles, and drive to the stadium. straight up 9.5 hours.

so that was my condensed game experience.

and NOOOW, i get to venture to austin! i’m so freakin pumped, you have no idea. like i’m more pumped than a moonbounce at the terminator’s birthday party…and i get to leave right after i take the sandwich demanding cousin to school and attend wednesday night’s class. first thing i’m doing when i wake up thursday? hittin the road. like jack. (i was going for “hit the road, jack” ray charles, anyone?) hoping for a stress free weekend that shouldn’t be less than amazing.

cheers to another hump day tomorrow and a grand weekend!

“play your part (pt.2)”
girl talk

3 Responses to “no, hank williams, jr., i’m not ready for some football. give me a sec”
  1. Lisa Marie says:

    I must meet your family.
    Before the season is up I’ll go up there and visit you for the weekend! 😛

  2. Nicole Alvarado says:

    When you said you were hitting the road like jack, I thought Kerouac…

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