if i collected people, my collection would be called “friends”

um, so this past weekend was probably one of the best weekends i’ve had in a really long time. no joke.

first of all, i had a chance to venture to austin whilst enjoying great weather with the exception of friday night when it was a little cold. but whatever.

icing on the cake, i saw a plethora of st. ed’s faces that i love oh so much. seriously. and a special thanks/shout out to josh & nicole who allowed me to stay with them thursday night. even if josh claimed that i was demanding, which was false. false false false. AAAND to adriana & t.lil who let me stay with them on friday!

here’s a little review of my time in the small big city:
– alamo drafthouse with t.lil to see catfish thursday afternoon. you should totes magotes see it if you can! really, you should, it’s really good. this was followed by a sneak peek into the austin-american statesman and a lesson on changing a flat tire.

– downtown thursday night with a slew of tipsy toppers. you really had to be there to understand the hilarity and general good-time of it all.

– sitting in on adriana’s 4th period class the friday of their homecoming game = super intense, some of the kids are crazy, some of them are nice, some of them seem lazy, and some of them think twice…dr. seuss was the inspiration for that, but i’m no doctor, so i’ll settle for mastuh p…cause i’m getting a master’s. it just makes sense AND there’s no affiliation with master p. mastuh/master. they’re different. trust me.

where was i? oh!

– bastrop’s homecoming game friday night! they had fireworks. and a really fancy stadium. not to mention the whole town goes into a baby frenzy pre-game. da (bastrop) bears. they lost. sad story. then we ended up going to applebee’s i guess as an after party of sorts. however, we were there a really long time…in the cold. and i still had to drive like 20 mins away, while using magic according to adriana. i didn’t really understand why, but whatever.

– saturday morning i had to drive back to houston at like 7:30 in da a.m. did i mention i went to sleep around 2:30 the same day? it was rough. AND adriana & t.lil don’t have any sort of coffee establishment nearby, so i had to drive like 1.5 hours in a weird sleepy/awake haze, which made me want to make sure wherever i live next better have some form caffeine located close by or next door. anyway, i had to leave uber early because i was helping my aunt with my cousin’s birthday party. it was the 3 year-old’s birthday party at the┬ámad potter. i painted a coffee mug while everyone else painted kittens and puppies. it was fun, but i had to sit at a table by myself while all the little kids got to sit together. laaame.

– sunday morning we went to some land that my grandpa half owns and fished with basically half of my mom’s side…but the palomo side owns the land…it’s complicated. it’s in east bernard, tx, which is like an hour away. we creatively call it “the land.” there were a lot fish being thrown around. i caught one…but it was like a baby, so i felt bad. one of my uncles and my mom caught fish, too, but theirs were seriously one meal away from needing to be noodled out (click on that link for a noodling demo, trust me, you’re gonna wanna see what it is if you don’t know dub tee aych i’m talkin about. when have i ever lead you astray?). all while my dad and david hunted on another part of the land.

hunting and fishing. we’rr fruhm tehyxus, how bout yall.

the weekend was basically filled with friends and family and it was awesome.

i wonder what would happen if i combined the two…there would probably be an explosion and a black hole would form.

AND I ALMOST FORGOT, beauty and beast is coming out on dvd tomorrow (tues, 10/5)! i’m super pumped. fave disney movie. don’t judge me.

also, less than 100 days til christmas! 81/82 depending on if you want a countdown til christmas eve or day. either way i gotcho back. maybe i’ll do the 12 weeks of christmas instead of days…and share a christmasy thing once a week. oooh man, that’s the best idea i’ve had so far. (what you witnessed there was my thought process, which i typed out, because i was THAT excited) and yes, i know halloween hasn’t passed, shhh. besides, the malls start decorating for christmas in october, so ha!

ok so here’s a video i found for you, some of you may have seen it, for others this may be foreign but whatevs. hope you like it!

you’re welcome.

“la la lie”
jack’s mannequin

5 Responses to “if i collected people, my collection would be called “friends””
  1. catapultm says:

    I can’t believe you forgot to mention seeing me….oh wait. That didn’t happen. Lol. I am liking that 12 weeks of Christmas though. CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nicole Alvarado says:

    No problem whatsoever letting you stay at our place. In fact, it was like you weren’t even there. I woke up the next day COMPLETELY BAMBOOZLED cuz I had no idea where you were/that you were leaving so early!

    Also, aren’t you glad you adventured with me? Every minute you spend with me is a learning experience, see? SI?!

  3. Nicole Alvarado says:

    P.S. Michael smells like he took a bath in fail. Just sayin.

  4. feministish says:

    I lurve you alyssa. And I’m very excited for the twelve weeks of christmas! It makes me want to come up with some snazzy twelve weeks off theme. You are an inspiration to us all….

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