cooler than the other side of a pillow

hello again!

i’ve had a pretty hectic week/end. so to help sum everything up i’ve decided to do another list of things! this one is a little different. there’s a top 5 and bottom 5.

it has come to my attention that although i do have some cray-cray moments, i also have some cray.cray. moments. know what i mean?

so the top 5 things are events/things/ideas/actions that i’ve encountered. the types of things that would make you say, “that’s (pretty) cool!”
in no particular order, i present the top 5:

1. my mom’s side held a garage sale this weekend and i made some ca$h money (yes, that was a minor ke$ha reference). i made 20 dollars less than¬†one four thousandth of a million dollars. i know. a looooot.

2. i taught my 3 year-old cousin how to swing! it was pretty cute, not gonna lie.

3. my grandma (mom’s side, aka rodriguez side) gave me some quilting magazines…so i’m going to attempt to do that sometime in the future. and i won’t be taking requests anytime soon unless you want 2 pieces of fabric stapled together with marker designs that’s guaranteed to keep you freezing and completely un-warm. and “future” should be loosely interpreted as “hopefully within 5 years”

4. I NOW OWN BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ON DVD. there are 3 versions on 1 disc! disney is too intense for me. i only know there are 3 versions, because when i started the movie, i was too excited to look through the menu that i just clicked on the ‘fast play’ option, and it chose the NEW version of the movie for me. i was super disappointed to watch and hear a new song with lyrics that weren’t registered in the brain-bank. i felt duped. but then i figured it out and my childhood was restored, which of course led me to say, “thank you itty bitty baby jesus.” not joking.

5. ok, so i have some pretty funny friends. one of these friends has a blog, called “messenger pigeon.” her name is ingrid and her most recent post was about christmas ideas. now you’re thinking, “well that makes sense it’s about christmas and alyssa would put anything related to christmas on the list.” well, in this case that’s false. true for everyday. but false today, so joke’s on you! the items on her list of christmas ideas is what put it on this list. you should definitely check it out.

now onto the bottom 5, which brought about the feelings of “really? that’s NOT cool” or “you be buggin” or even “uh-uh grrfren, homie don’t play that game”
bottom 5, in a particular order:

5. it’s the research paper time of the year. boooooo. 2 actually. topics include a communication theory and a political campaign. mini-capstones. gross.

4.¬†being told by my 6 year-old cousin that i was “old enough to die!” thank you, evan. i realize you’re still in the single digits, but c’mon! 22 isn’t THAT old.

3. sinuses going haywire due to hay fever. negative side effect of changing seasons. consecutively sneezing 3+ times not only makes you look ridiculous it also causes people to stare. not cute.

2. getting hit in the face by a rubber ball…twice. once by my uncle and then by his 14 year-old son/my cousin. i love family time. especially when my glasses are almost forced to make friends with the concrete ground. awesome. apparently the don’t-throw-a-ball-at-someone-when-they’re-not-looking rule isn’t applied in their family. talk about laaame. everyone should live by this rule.

1. now, this last list-maker is interesting. it evokes negative feelings, but it’s also very intriguing. for those of you who have heard of the westboro baptist church, you know how extreme they are. and for those of you who haven’t…maybe that’s a good thing. regardless, there’s a documentary about them titled, “the most hated family in america.” bbc’s louis theroux examines this church and tries to make sense of their radical views. for whomever was lucky enough to have been forced to watch jesus camp on my account, becky fischer (crazy blonde leader in jesus camp) literally looks sane compared to this group. no. joke. i think this is HIGHLY offensive, and if you are easily angered/offended you may want to skip out on this, but for those of you who think they can handle it. please do! i recommend it, but proceed with caution. here’s the link to the site where you can watch it fo free…it’s about an hour long. the most hated family in america

and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:
week 2 of the 12 weeks of christmas!

this week, i’ve found a super short video of part of an intro to the office. it’s dwight singing ‘the little drummer boy.’ and it revolutionized the way i hear the song.

there’s a christmas episode where angela is singing it and dwight adds that in, but i couldn’t find. love it.

ALSO! i’ve added a “page” to the blog. it’s titled ‘songz of da posts’ i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but at the very end of the posts i have a song that tickles my fancy for the post. and now they’re all collected and placed on a page! also, they are now linked. so if you have no idea as to what song i’m talkin about you can just clickity click and bam! you can watch a vid.

christmas countdown time:
74/75 days!

hope anyone who attended acl has a relaxing week of recuperation!

and hope your week has nothing but top 5 moments, oh haaay!

“cooler than me”
mike posner

4 Responses to “cooler than the other side of a pillow”
  1. Nicole Alvarado says:

    List of things I like about this blog post:

    1. It forced me to do math…Miss I-Made-$230-Off-The-Garage-Sale (please god let that be right)
    2. FANTASTIC Christmas clip.
    3. I am saddened that I’m not a funny friend. Though I haven’t done anything funny recently–except figure out who Regina Philange is! Because she exposed himself on my Facebook wall…that’s right, I said himself.
    4. I love how we are on the same brain wave. I tried to institute using acronyms at work with people, i.e. “ombj” for “oh my baba jesus.” Needless to say, anything that ended in “bj” did not really catch on.
    5. I miss you.

  2. Nicole Alvarado says:

    Oh yeah!
    6. I get about 2-3 faxes at work each day from the WBC (Westboro Batshit Crazies). Yeah–we’re practically on a first-name basis now. You know–they call me Nicole and I call them Satan.

  3. iahusby says:

    thanks for pimpin my BLOG hahahaha you rule

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