hey, bruco, the giant texas italian caterpillar, i like your boots

hi there!

i’ve realized that my posts are getting longer and longer, and i hope this one doesn’t follow suit.

so i’ll just make a post about non-christmas things i find entertaining/fascinating! wooo!

– this 1st list maker is the title of the post. bruco, the giant texas italian caterpillar. it is so very real. he’s in italy, tx, and i only know this because i’ve passed him like 6 times. it’s a caterpillar shaped structure that’s made out of connected domes with glow-in-the-dark boots! adriana and i thought this was a community of sorts, because a “reliable” source told us so, but turns out it’s just a factory for grain…or something, which was a huuuuuge let down after i thought of this potential community having some sort of christmas extravaganza. honestly, who wouldn’t want to go to a christmas soiree in that thing?


ciao, yall!

– ok so, if you’re looking for a great way to procrastinate, and facebook/twitter/email account/other email account/stumble upon isn’t working. you should check out dear blank please blank. it’s pretty hilarious, no lie.

– so i’m sort of a craft-junkie if you haven’t figured that out yet. i would be martha stewart’s apprentice if i could, but i hear she’s kinda mean…so i don’t know how long i would last in her company. i mean, homegrrl did jail time. so i’ve been visiting this blog/site called how about orange, and dreaming of crafting with martha stewart and the author of ps-i made this, erica domesek, i don’t stalk her. i just follow her…on twitter. gotcha! anyway, how about orange has things from graphic design to diy (do it yourself) paper flowers to halloween costumes! it’s pretty awesome.

– youtube is ridiculous. frreal.
ya know what else is ridiculous? chatroulette.
if you haven’t been graced with an introduction to chatroulette, let me give you a rundown. you kinda need to have a web camera for full effect, and basically you go to the site, click your life away to the terms and whatever, and then you’re paired up with a random stranger or group of strangers who may or may not be drunk/naked/capable of speaking english who are also on the site. sounds like a good idea in theory, right? i mean, you have a chance to meet a lot of interesting people from around the world and chit chat with them. problem is…there’s nothin but masturbating guys showin off their junk.
hence the lack of linking to the site. but by all means, feel free to visit the site and see for yourself!

ANYWAY, i’m more interested in what happens when you combine the 2 sites, which is what this steve kardynal character did…you just have to watch the video.

he’s got a looooot more goin on on his youtube channel, too. pretty funny.

man, i just realized there are going to be a lot of videos in this post. sorry! unless you like that sort of thing…then all the power to ya.

– staying on the youtube theme…one of my favorite youtubers is mitchell davis. for this reason righ hrr:

there was a period of time where adriana and i showed that video to just about anyone near a computer in our apartment. true story.

– wanna see one of my favorite videos, like, ever? seriously. super awesome. and if you don’t like it, i’m sorry i hyped it up so much…and for some reason i can’t embed the video so clickitty click here to see it!

now for the 3rd week of christmaaas!

i watch this every halloween regardless of whether it’s on the 13 nights of halloween on abc family or not, which starts tuesday 10/19…so what! i like themed television programming. that’s not a crime!

christmas countdown: 68/69 days
(to the dirty minds out there, clean it up! it’s christmas! c’mon now. and to those who thought “sweet it’s under 70 days,” i know, right!?!)

so much for a shorter post…
maybe next week!

“my moon my man”


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