what do you use to fix a jack-o-lantern?

a pumpkin patch! bahahaha

i am well aware of this, “halloween,” everyone is speaking of and according to my calendar it’s in 5 days. so that’s why i’m gonna share these little gems of entertainment, but please don’t get lost in their tricks and treats.

also, keep in mind that i just sort of found these by chance or was instructed to click on a link by friends, which in turn lead to more discoveries! if you have stuff to share, please do! i’ll post them, too!

– still haven’t decorated a pumpkin and you want to, but don’t really wanna make a mess? well, ok. that’s real simple. ha, i like that magazine. a lot. no, really. a lot.

– want to enjoy some light reading about 10 patriotic ghosts? ya know ya wannaaa. spoooooky. haha, sorry.

– trying to decide on a halloween costume? ingrid’s got yo back with her costume ideas. they’re pretty good.

– another thing that’s synonymous with halloween is a game a group of friends and i came up with one year. we were really creative with the naming of the game…”halloween quarter.” AND it can be played during christmastime (“christmas quarter”). to most it will sound super lame, but we thought it was awesome. anyway, here’s the general idea of it all:
1. everyone crams into a car with a camera. nothing fancy, it just has to work.
2. designate each side of a quarter/coin with a direction. so lets say heads is turn right and tails is turn left. at the exit of wherever you are, you’re usually forced to turn, so start there!
3. flip the coin and follow what the quarter/coin lands on.
4. repeat step 3 until you get lost, bored, or run out of gas. somehow we always ended up in neighborhoods.
5. when you see a sweet halloween lawn display, park, jump out, pose, jump back in.
6. repeat steps 3-5.

it was fun. we were yelled at a couple of times and we even had some of the home owners take our picture with their handiwork. below are 2 pictures taken during said game:

halloween 08. i wasn't lying when i said we posed...

halloween 09. we got caught up...

– want to see something ridiculous? well then you’re in luck! this week’s 4th week of christmas just so happens to fall into the halloween category. ish. i haven’t seen it. it’s canadian. and it features wcw/wwe’s goldberg. say whaaa? here’s the trailer. it’s called: SANTA’S SLAY. i love puns. like in apundance. punny, i know. ok sorry, i’m done.

christmas countdown: 59/60 days!

i’ll be venturing to austin thursday. i’m pretty pumped. i hope everyone has a safe halloween! don’t get too cray-cray, but have fun!

“40 day dream”
edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros


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