was a bee, was a bee, was a, was a, was a bee

the title should be sung to “imma be” by the black eyed peas…it’ll make more sense later. hopefully.

aaand guess what time it is!

family quote time. wut wut. these get progressively ridiculous.

mom watching a black and white movie…
mom: “look how pretty that grass is!”
mom: “i can just tell! …it looks nice”
–confused faces–

me: “dad, there are so many mosquitoes in my room, i can’t sleep!”
david: “one time i woke up and killed like 15 in my room”
dad: “this one time. in band camp. i was sleeping and, and there were so many mosquitoes that…i thought there were helicopters”
david: “ok, dad”
me: “what?”
me: “what!?!”
(yes, he made an american pie reference and may i add that he’s never seen that movie. yeah, i don’t understand it either)

mom, dad, and i are in the living room, david’s in his room playing xbox, so he’s like 8 ft away…
david talking to whomever he’s playing with over the headphone things he’s got plugged in:
david: “haaay…haaay…HAAAY”
me: “what’s wrong with your son? …DAVID”
david: “WHAT?”
me: “haaay!”
dad: “haaay!”
david: “haaay!”
mom mumbling: “crazies”

i’ve been wanting to share those for a while. glad i got around to it!

hope errybody had a fun yet safe halloween! i visited some fine folks in austin! special thanks to caley&lauren for letting me stay at their place.

i think i had the most homemade costume i’ve had in a while. black shirt + yellow duct tape + headband + pipe cleaners = bee, duh. so i went around chanting imma “bee.” i didn’t do anything on halloween. lame, i know, but whatever. i had my fair share of halloween goodness the friday before.

if you have a lot of halloween candy, and you don’t know what to do with it all, real simple, has an interesting way of getting rid of it. they have recipes that use candy! check it out!

i babysat my cousins the saturday after/before halloween. it was pretty tame. i think it’s due to the fact that i brought crafts. the 3 year-old “drew” me in a haunted house surrounded by ghosts. that was her creative punishment for me. i looked at it after she finished and it was just a bunch of scribbles everywhere with a few patches that showed that she put more thought into making a person than a ghost. it kinda looked like what someone would do to see what the color of a crayon would be. you kinda color in the same spot to get a good idea of what it looks like. yeah, that’s what i looked like in her picture. i wish i took a picture of it. i forgot. oh well.

speaking of babysitting, in a previous post i mentioned a horrible babysitting experience compliments of my crazy aunts. like, it seriously traumatized me.

so i was really little, like, 3 or 4, maybe even 2. anyway, i was at my grandma’s house with my 2 aunts, i have no idea where david was, he might’ve been being born for all i know, and my aunts decided to watch a movie. ok? ok, sounds innocent enough. WRONG. what do they watch? some crazy ass movie about dolls killing people. puppet master. talk about fml for my child self.

here’s the trailer, i had to watch it to make sure it was the right movie. it is:

the puppets that i remember most vividly are blade and ms. leech, especially ms. leech, because at the time i thought that was blood coming out of her mouth, not a leech, at least i’m assuming that’s what it is. ugh. while i was watching it i got the same feelings i had when i was little.

as a result of this excellent movie selection i had nightmares about my toys coming to life and killing me. it’s like hell’s version of toy story. and i would cover my corner of stuffed animals and toys with a blanket before going to bed. i remember thinking that if they couldn’t see me, they couldn’t kill me. i know, smart move. i’m surprised at how rational i was about it all.

so what have been the long-term effects of this movie viewing? well, lets see, i HATE: marionettes, the old school ventriloquist puppets (the ones with moving jaws and giant eyes that also move), and clowns. what’s worse is that like a year after this movie, i went to my future aunt’s apartment to find out that she collects marionettes. CLOWN marionettes. she had a whole shelf of them! it. was. horrible. and terrifying. so that’s my awful babysitting experience. it sucked.

side note: i just showed my dad and david the trailer. my dad said he saw it in theaters and david said it looks dumb. i felt freaked out. best part? my dad stood up and walked toward me with his hand in claw-like shapes saying boo followed by multiple grr’s. i didn’t think anything of it until he said “lyssa, i’m a puppet” thanks, dad. sad part? he actually scared me when he said “i’m a puppet”

anyway. the rest of november will be dedicated to research papers and a take home exam. wooo. the best part is that by december 1st i will be done with the fall semester. sweeet.

on to happier thoughts:
5th week of christmas!

freshman year at st. ed’s i think i came back to my dorm room to see mean girls playing like every other day, no lie. my roommate liked it a lot. i didn’t mind. it was my movie, ha!

christmas countdown: 52/53

enjoy the weather while it lasts!

“the dance”
elias and the wizzkids

3 Responses to “was a bee, was a bee, was a, was a, was a bee”
  1. 1) I am le sad I did not get to see you…poo 😦

    2) I feel like everyone has one of those semi-ridiculous stories about a movie that traumatized them when they were little. Mine? Gremlins. Your dad reminds me of my dad except my dad is meaner–he bought this Gremlins doll replica thing and put it in the closet so it was like on a high shelf looking like it was coming out of the box. And he used to ask me to go get stuff out of the closet and laugh at me as he watched me try to keep my eyes on the Gremlin doll and get whatever the item was he asked me to retrieve….cruel.

  2. Ken Adams says:

    Your bee costume was quit impressive, but I believe the attribute that really took it over the top was you singing the Black Eyed Peas “Imma Be”, or should I say “Imma Bee” Haha. Anywho, it was good seeing you on Friday, and I’m sorry we couldn’t stay at the party longer, but you know how kids are. Whenever you’re back in Austin you should give me a call so we can hang out!

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