sometimes i pretend to have rabies while brushing my teeth

true story. it’s happened on more than one occasion.

anwho. some of you may or may not have noticed that i went on a facebook and twitter break due to the need to write a paper per week until thanksgiving. obviously, that didn’t work out so well. actually, it did. i’ve been way more productive than i would have been with facebook. and to ensure that i didn’t slip back into my crack/facebook addiction my dad changed my password and i’m self-monitoring the twitter. it sounds like i’m in rehab. but whaterr.

there’s really not that much goin on. it’s pretty boring right now. started writing 1 of 2 papers, going to class, blah blah blah. made a presentation with only 3 slides, 1 of which was the title slide. here’s my favorite slide:

the lady on the right is my favorite. for obvious reasons.

OH, i did however attend a concert/show/whatever with my dear friend christy wise…rockefeller. i forget she’s got a new last name. ANYWAY, we went to the house of blues (in houston) to see fun. that’s their name. fun. including the period. fun. and it was…smashtastic. betcha thought i would say “fun,” well, i almost did. they’re super good live. i like the song, “be calm”.

by the way, you need to have a definitive plan when you venture to the good ole’/new house of blues. why? they are so not helpful or people persons. it took a good 10 minutes to get to the room/stage where we needed to be. and it’s not like we didn’t ask, cause we totes did. they just gave us really vague directions.

anyway, we almost ended up seeing cody simpson perform. who’s cody simpson? good question. i’m only vaguely familiar with his name due to my uncanny knack for pop culture, specifically for tweens. he’s the australian justin bieber. translation: he’s popular, but not THAT popular because he’s from australia.

see what i mean?

so we get to will call, and notice a lot of grungy looking people wearing black and acting like they’re super hardcore. why? because they were there to see GWAR. who’s GWAR? excellent question. i only know of GWAR because of my uncanny knack for pop culture, and that class i took at st. ed’s that “made” us go to SXSW. the same class that allowed me to write a paper on GWAR at the end of the semester. so, i’m kind of a semi-expert. did i mention my uncanny knack for pop culture?

GWAR is a distinct metal group (they are mainly characters). they claim to be warrior aliens that were exiled from their planet due to their failed attempt to overtake the Master and were sentenced to earth. they were in a coma, but then pollution woke them up and now their goal is to destroy the human race and the world with their music. yes, i wrote a paper on them. it was about their stage antics (they spray fake blood into the audience and “sacrifice” life size models of celebrities) during their set and some comm theory combined. i kinda wish i could find that paper…oh well.

my description of their "style" was if spartans were to have love-children with kiss (the band) and were sentenced to hell, THIS is what would emerge

needless to say, after being submerged in hormonal tweens with their chaperones sippin on a stiff drink followed by waiting in line with those anticipating a bloody mess, we felt like we were in the right place when we got to our intended destination. there were a lot of hipster/trendy lookin people in “the bronze peacock” room and i felt like i was in austin. it just felt right. i mean, even the name made me feel like i was in austin.

tell me this doesn't look like an alyssa-y band.

oh man. good times.

drumroll please…

it’s now time for the 6th week of christmas! wut wut. we’re half way there!
ok, so this one is a little different. it’s actually about 2 events that are VERY similar. mmmk?

first one is called the nutcracker market. it’s in houston, and i’ve been going with my mom/aunts/grandma since high school. it’s like a giant classy flea market put on by the houston ballet. AND it’s this week/weekend at the relient center. my mom and i are handing out bags and taking tickets on friday/tomorrow morning. she volunteered me to volunteer with her. whatevs. i’m still excited. you should go!

and secondly, there’s the austin equivalent, too! it’s not until next week and it’s at the palmer event center. it’s called a christmas affair. it’s put on by the junior league of austin. i went last year, because that’s when i first heard of it and it was really nice. if you don’t dress accordingly you may have some junior leaguers look at you funny, but who cares?

sorry this wasn’t interactive…i just really wanted to tell yall about these…there’s always next week?

in the meantime, hopefully this will suffice:

christmas countdown: 43/44

“ooh la”
the kooks

2 Responses to “sometimes i pretend to have rabies while brushing my teeth”
  1. Michael Adame says:

    Oh my jesus, that baby video seems to just ake all the stress away and make me soooo happy. Which is new since I’m sooooooooooooooo depressed, right? Hahaha.

    Are you going to the Christmas affair?

    • youseemnice says:

      i knooooow! i watched that video like 5 times when i found it, and i’m glad you’re taking baby steps to help cure your depression. haha
      and no, sadly, i will not be able to make it to a christmas affair this year. i’ve got way too many assignments to do. laaaame.

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