wham bam thank you ma’am

it’s family quotes time!

deciding on which song version to buy on itunes: “f**k you” vs. the edited version “forget you” by cee-lo green
me: “i don’t know if i want that one or that one…i think i’m gonna get THAT one”
dad:  “but lyssa, that’s explicit. you’re my baby girl you can’t listen to explicit”
me: “seriously. dad, you say stuff worse than that song”
dad: “what the hell shit you talkin bout. can you get me some water?”

back story: my dad’s claiming a midlife crisis. he’s 50. he’s just saying that because he’s trying to find an excuse that permits the motorcycle he just bought from one of my uncles. he has to get a helmet…which he found like 2 days ago
mom: “well, what happened with your helmet?”
dad: “they didn’t have it”
mom: “what, your head too big?”
-dad didn’t hear-
dad: “what? too big?”
mom: “your head”
-laugh laugh laugh-
dad: “i don’t know why you find that funny. i have normal sized head, therefore, all the normal sized helmets are gone”
mom: skeptical “mhmm”

laying in bed trying to sleep but i hear my dad screaming a song because he doesn’t understand the concept of volume control when you’re listening to music through headphones…
dad “singing”: “i should have known better with a girl like you…hey, hey, hey–hay hay haaay”
me: “dad what are you singing, because i heard you singing, but then you said ‘hay hay haaay’”
dad singing song again w/the “hay hay haaay”
dad: “are you recording me!?!”
me: “no”
dad: “good, because i get embarrassed easily”
me: “no you don’t!”
dad: “yes i do. see look i’m turning red”
-proceeds to shut his eyes, puff his cheeks out, and hold his breath. 5 seconds later-
dad: “see!”
eye roll.


this past week was pretty rough. finished up a super long paper. ps: if you’re lookin for a font that will transform 4 pages into 6 pages, 2 words. courier new. it’s basically helping you discover pages flying under the radar.

i attended my last classes of the semester, which is cray-zee. the semester has flown by. now, the only things i need to finish up are a propaganda case study, summarizing 10 theories and applying it to mass comm, and a take home exam. so i’ll be done by december 1st. literally. like, my last assignment is due november 30th. so i’m trying to maintain the focus of actually doing work so i can go to happy hour with some new comm friends after we turn in our final assignment! super pumped.

as of now i have some research for the case study, selected the 10 theories AND had them approved  (which was optional, i know. overachiever…pff), and have a slight idea of what the take home answers are. so i mean, it could be worse.

genevieve told me about this thing on google chrome called stay focusd. it restricts how often/long you visit sites that lead to unproductivity. so instead of having a family member change your password, just switch that on and BAM straight up work being done.

ALSO, who else is uber pumped about some harry potter-ness!?!

i saw this earlier and thought it was pretty funny, the cast of harry potter learn to speak “american”

so yeah, that’s allz i gotz fa now.

7th week of christmas time!
so i know a few of you will be stumbling in and out of christmas parties in december that may or may not be themed around tacky sweaters. and some may start looking for some sweaterz soon because they tend to become harder to find the longer you wait. SO instead of worrying about finding one just take a visit to the ugly christmas sweater party store. it’s pretty awesome, no lie.

so then you can party like this…


that's goldie. she's still at st. ed's. i miss her.


christmas countdown: 36/37

“in the next room”
neon trees

4 Responses to “wham bam thank you ma’am”
  1. catapultm says:

    Favorite quote from this post? The forget you slash f*** you debate. Favorite part of the quote: “Can you get me some water?”

    Also, that tacky Christmas sweater link came in vury handy, because my friend is looking for one, and she didn’t know where to go, so i gave her the link on ze facebook. So I guess what I’m saying is….DONT GET RID OF THE LINKS!!!

    Oh and, I like rusty spoons. :v)

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