it’s almost my favorite day of the year! the day after thanksgiving when they play christmas music on the radio

that’s what christy told me about a month ago while we were getting ready to go to a halloween party:
christy: “alyssa, it’s almost your favorite day of the year!”
me: “i know! it’s almost here!”
christy: “i’m not talking about christmas”
-confused face-
christy: “i’m talkin about the day after thanksgiving when they play christmas music on the radio.”

true dat!

i just got back from the nutcracker ballet final dress rehearsal. that’s not a mouthful. it was super coool! my grandma thought the angels depicted on the backdrop were monkeys. i think she got it mixed it up with the wizard of oz. or not? i don’t really know. this is the same woman who thought being offered the option of a mexican coke was slang for cocaine. yes, we were at a restaurant. how’d you know?

anywho, i’m gonna preempt this next part with a NERD ALERT: i was more focused¬†on the orchestra than the dansuhz (dancers) because it took me back to 4th and 5th grade when i was in band and played the clarinet! and i got really uncomfortable when the lead/1st chair clarinetist messed up. like physically squirmish. i felt bad, but i don’t think anyone noticed, so that was good.

AND on monday we had a family outing to the eye doctor for our annual eye exams. the nerd alert still pertains to this. it wasn’t as ridiculous as you would think it should have been. and my eyes improved! i don’t understand it. i mean, i still need glasses, but .25 less for both eyes than before. so this got me thinking…dangerous, i know…since one eye is worse than the other and if i’m still on this path of improving vision, at some point i’d only need glasses for one eye…some of you may know where this is headed…then that would mean i would get to have a monocle!

how flippin sweet is that!?! i made the rookie mistake of sharing this insight (haha get it? inSIGHT) with david and he said i was an idiot. but ¬†then i saw the wheels in his brain-goo turning and he said, “if you had one with a mustache you’d look like mr. peanut” and how did i respond? “OH MAH GAWD, i was JUST thinking that!” i guess we’re related after all. whatevs. but yeah, i would also need a top hat and a cane. or i could be the monopoly man…

too bad i just looked up BOTH of them and mr. peanut lacks a mustache and monopoly man lacks a monocle. dub tee aych. i guess i would just be an alyssa wearing a monocle, top hat, and mustache while carrying her cane.

they’re called dreams for a reason.

the words disappointment and failure come to mind.

now, here we are on the eve of giving thanks. kinda crazy how time is seriously whizzing by. so i’ve decided to list a few things i’m thankful for! hopefully it won’t come off as super cheezy. like cheese assortment at a holiday party cheezy. none of that.

rue magazine. i kinda just happened upon it somewhere in the twittersphere and have been a MAJOR fan ever since. i felt like rachel zoe just then. it’s seriously ba-na-nas. i die! who’s rachel zoe!?! shut your face! ok, that may or may not have been a bit of an overreaction…sorry. and if you don’t want to watch the whole video, then fast forward to 1:34 to get a good sense of who rachel zoe is…she’s a stylist and my fave.

ANYWAY, rue magazine is dedicated to interior design and party hosting. basically amazing and secret/not so secret hobbies of mine.

— florence + the machine. i have been listening to her album on repeat for the past week. oh. so. good. if you have no idea of who i’m talking about, i think her most popular song is “dog days are over,” however, the video is a little trippy. i showed it to my dad and this was his reaction “aaahhh, i can’t watch it. i don’t like the song when i watch it,” so he minimized the window and listened to the song…he may or may not have overreacted…

— books. seriously. you can learn a lot from them. i know, i’m a little late on this one. AND come to find out that the index of a book is like pressing control-F/command-F in a book. it tells you where you can find the shiz you’re lookin for. it’s like the dewey decimal of search engines within books. but hey, it works!

— and most importantly, YOU! and i know sometimes when i read stuff on facebook and someone’s like “i’m talkin to you, yes you!” i always wonder if they really do mean that because what if we’re not that great of friends ya know? well in this case, i’m assuming i know you. and if i know you i must like you. and even if i don’t know you. whatevs. thanks for continuing to read for this long!

— 8th week of christmas. it’s a good one, too.

christmas countdown: 30/31

cheers to family goodness/craziness/times.

so everyone take a deep breath, the insanity has been put on pause. push play when you return to your respective college cities.

“my boy builds coffins”
florence + the machine (love. her)


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