once you go comm you’ll think it’s da bomb


it’s pretty crazy how fast this semester has come and gone.

side note: i just yelled “you are not a chihuahua” at my brother’s “chihuahua,” mojo. he’s super annoying. and i’m protecting my laptop with my life because he jumped on a chair and popped a letter off with his TALONS on my previous laptop. you see, he was super tiny when he was a puppy but now he’s obviously a mutant breed of some sort.

puppy mojo.

the reason why this creature is now running rampant in our house. mojo. not david. haaa.



he's not a normal chihuahua size. there's NO. WAY.

he looks innocent but it’s all a farce! last night i was telling him to sit and he kept jumping on me so i turned to leave because i gave up and as soon i turned he sat. punk. just like david.

anyway.¬†black friday was pretty tame. considering i usually hate shopping. nothing too intense. i got a jacket that makes me feel like carmen sandiego. but it’s black…so it’s like…a contemporary carmen sandiego? whatevs.

i had to babysit my cousins too. that wasn’t too bad. the little one (3 year-old, tiny terror) was asleep for an hour. luckily before my aunt and uncle left they informed me that when she wakes up she screams and yells “get me out of here,” so it sounded like i had trapped myself a tiny person to any passersby when she awoke from her slumber. she then demanded that i change her outfit because she wanted to wear her favorite dress. so i bartered her dress for using the potty. she didn’t like that one very much. but she really wanted to wear that dress so she sucked it up.

the other one (6 year-old, pint-sized punk) was playing some computer game about a lego indiana jones. i don’t really know. all i know is everything was fine and dandy until it froze. then all hell broke loose. there was a lot of stomping, throwing his body to the ground, and screaming “fix it.” naturally, i had no clue of how to fix it. so he had to suck it up, too. i let him watch a movie.

and another thing!

how many of you actually know the difference between using soap and hand sanitizer? i know i didn’t know until about a year ago when jsvec told me because he likes science and doctory things.

basically, soap makes your hands slick so the gross stuff just slips on off, and jeff would appreciate it if i added that since it makes your hands slick and it’ll wash away anyway, there’s no need to buy anti-bacterial labeled soap because it has some crazy stuff that makes the gross stuff build immunities or something so they become hard to kill. hand sanitizer kills the gross stuff on contact…i don’t know what happens to the dead gross stuff…i’ll just go with it evaporates. haha that’s probably soooooo wrong. haha jeff, leave the correct effect in a comment.

(UPDATE 12/3: jeff posted a link on my facebook wall for proof of this anti-bacterial soap absurdity, check it)

this science lesson has been brought to you by the comm student. hello 2 semesters of science for non-majors! can i get a hey 5 (high-five)!?!

back to my cousin and his sly ways. so he goes to the bathroom, i listen to make sure i hear the correct running-water usage. he runs out and i stop him and ask him “what are you doing!?! wash your hands!”
evan: “i’m gonna use hand sanitizer”
me: “use soap, please!”
evan: “but soap just makes it slippery and hand sanitizer kills it ON your hands!”
me: “…fine. but use enough.”

did i mention this kid is 6!

so after being secretly ashamed of my non-science studying self. i get this little gem of entertainment from the tiny terror. it’s super cute. she’s singing jingle bells. ps: that’s my aunt/her mom in the background of the picture. let me know if it doesn’t work.

so yes, the past week was filled with craziness on the family and academic spectrums. i really enjoyed the classes, new friends (oh haaay), and times spent in and outside the uh comm building. now, i have a whole half week to miss it and a month to enjoy the freedoms of christmas/winter break.

so yes, now on to the 9th week of christmas!

this one was shown to me by a fellow comm kid, kelsie! he posted it on my facebook wall. and i decided it was flippin awesome and everyone should try it. it’s a game…so i mean…i don’t usually promote procrastination because it’s horrible, but i mean…if you need a break…ya know. check it.

christmas countdown: 23/24!

to those of you still slaves to academia, it’s almost over! just a few more days! you can do itttt! even if it takes a whole week of all-nighters and you look like a zombie that stuck a paperclip into an outlet who just so happens to enjoy the taste of coffee but dislikes showering. i have faith in you. GOOD LUCK & GOD SPEED.

“light at the end of the tunnel”
the bloodsugars

4 Responses to “once you go comm you’ll think it’s da bomb”
  1. Jeff says:

    A) Thank you for educating people about the evils of antibacterial hand soap.
    B) I’m also unsure as to what happened to bacteria after you use hand sanitizer. I know that hand sanitizer denatures the proteins so pretty much the bacteria fall apart. Proteins are pretty much the most important macromolecules in the body. As for the denatured protein remnants I have two guesses. They either just stay there but they can’t harm you anymore. Or they fall off just like dead skin cells since they are no longer part of living organism which is adhering to your skin.

    • youseemnice says:

      so instead of using your science mumbo-jumbo words, you could’ve just said, “i’m not sure but i think they either fall off or stay on your hands, but they won’t do anything to you if they stay on your hands.” was that so hard?

  2. Michael Adame says:

    Your video didn’t work for me…..it says that it doesn’t work because we aren’t friends, and you didn’t give me the okay to watch it…so thanks.

    I like the mojo pictures though!!! :^)

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