caspian, the friendly dementor, the friendliest dementor you know

yes, that’s right. harry potter.

it all began in 6th grade when one of my favorite teachers, mrs. betty (that was her last name), decided to read half of the first chapter of the first harry potter book to our class. ironically enough, she was my religion teacher. i decided i wanted to check it out, so my dad took me to the bookstore and i noticed that there were already 3 books out. i wanted to get all of them. but he didn’t let me. and that’s when it all began. (i refrained from making a magic joke, yo welcome)

anyway, harry potter has been one of those adolescent things that kinda transcends all and you kinda force it to fit into your adult life, and it’s ok because thousands of others are doing the exact same thing so no one really cares.

this past weekend i ventured to good ole austin to visit some friends, attend wassailfest, and a harry potter themed birthday party! my dear friend, kadie, had this party that called for costumes, naturally. so costumes it was!

adriana was hagrid, nicole was luna lovegood, and lindsay, bless her heart, thought the party was the next night so she didn’t have a costume planned. luckily j.nan had a multi-purpose black sheet. so lindsay became a dementor. however, sometime during the party, she dubbed herself caspian, the friendly dementor, which may or may not be a blatant spin-off of casper, the friendly ghost. i opted for a slytherin student at a party. and by “slytherin student” i mean i painted my nails green, wore all black with a green scarf, and borrowed nicole’s craft-made wand. adriana made fun of me and said i wasn’t even slytherin #1 in the movie credits and at best i was slytherin #27…at best.


luna lovegood


slytherin glamour shot. because i can't take a normal photo

here’s lindsay singing her theme song. and lindsay, if you’re reading/watching this and you hate me. i’ll take it down to china town.

for those of you who don’t know what a dementor looks like, here ya go, and you are judgment free:

it sucks the joy/happiness out of the room by its presence and if it gives you the "dementor's kiss" it sucks out your soul. harry potter nerd? shut your face!

the next night lindsay, nicole, and i decided to test our domesticities with 2 recipes for butterbeer. one for drank and one for cupcakes. the drink was simple enough. 2 ingredients for the liquidness and like 4 or 5 for the foam. by the way, imitation butter flavor is the weirdest thing. it’s like butter extract but not. i don’t really get it. but we used a lot of it. anywho, if you’re interested in either recipe here they are: drank recipecupcake recipe. enjoy!


keeping with this harry potter-ness, another dear friend, genevieve!, created this crazy sweet harry potter primer, so you should check it out, too! i’m super impressed with her graphic novel-y self.

also, why does abc family include harry potter in their 25 days of christmas? i never understood that. in the movies they show a christmas tree and talk about winter break…and that’s. about. it. i don’t hate it. just don’t get really get it. i mean, it did give us an excuse to make so much butterbeer-based bgoods. (the b is silent, like the p in pterodactyl)

ALSO! who doesn’t love this video?

…on to the 10th week of christmas!

so this one, is a christmas attraction called santa’s wonderland and it’s located in college station. my family and i went last year. it’s like a drive through christmas light extravaganza. you tune the radio to a certain channel and roll along a path lined with tons of lights.

see what i mean!?!

so yeah! it was pretty cool, it’s in college station, so some of you may or may not be a fan of it already…BUT it was pretty cool?

and the moral of the story is that you should definitely go see the newest harry potter movie if you haven’t seen it already. even if you have, drag someone who hasn’t seen it and watch it again. and if you don’t know anyone that hasn’t seen it…i got nothin, so you’re gonna have to get creative.

christmas countdown: 16/17

“all the same to me”
anya marina

3 Responses to “caspian, the friendly dementor, the friendliest dementor you know”
  1. Nicole says:

    Can I just say that….not participating in all these splendiferous Harry Potter events….kinda makes me wanna Avada Kedavra myself.

  2. Michael says:

    I can do that for you if you want Nicole! Hahaha.

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