why is my finger sweating?

allow me to explain.

my mom makes stuffed jalepenos and mushrooms for christmas eve family festivities. so i was helping her out and slicing and gutting the jalepenos. we usually wear gloves to avoid the disasters bound to occur after handling jalepenos without the gloves (i.e. burning eyes, face, mouth…you get the gist) so i took my glove off and the tip of my finger felt clammy. so i jumped to the logical explanation. my finger was sweating. rather than realizing there was a hole in the glove, naturally. it just made sense…in my mind. so yeah. hole in the glove. mah bad.

sooo this past week has been ridikulus. and that’s probably something i usually say, but frrealzies this week has been crazy busy.

lets work backwards from today shall we?

for starters, i wrapped like 50 presents for my grandma (palomo) and i’m not even exaggerating. i’d set up camp at her house for 3 days. the longest day was saturday when i wrapped for SIX HOURS.

yesterday she saw me wrapping a box, stopped me, asked who it was for, i said i forgot to write the name on a tag (more on the tags later), i flipped the box over because she writes the name of the person it will belong to on the bottom, there wasn’t a name, she grabbed it, opened it, started laughing, and showed me what was inside.

it was empty.

she then decided that i needed a break and the best way to take a break would be to load my car with my cousins and take them to lunch. i was in charge of a 13, 12, and a super bratty 8 year-old (there was also a 19 year-old but he can fend for himself). david ended up meeting us there with the final cousin, only after forgetting to pick him up on the way. ol reliable.

i was living a horrible rendition of an olive garden commercial.

so yeah. it was hectic but they weren’t total animals, so i’d say it was a success!

i made an attempt at a panoramic photo…but it ended up in 3 sections. just use your imagination…

ANYWAY, back to her tags for the presents. get ready for it…they are heart and star shaped post-it notes. am i joking? course not. if you know anyone related to a palomo, they’re either a little ridiculous or you-should-be-concerned ridiculous.

here’s a pic after the 6 hour santa’s sweat workshop and if you look close enough you can see the taped down post-its.

pretty sure the amount of quirkily wrapped boxes has doubled.

she also started a new tradition of me baking the cookies she always makes. it started last year and has continued this year. here’s how that conversation went:

grandma: “hey, ahlyssah*”
me: “yeah, grandma”
grandma: “hey, i was wondering when you could bake those cookies”
me: “…umm. whenever, i guess”
grandma: “ok, good. how bout tomorrow?”

*sometimes she can’t pronounce my name. she said she was willing to give my dad $1,000 if they didn’t name me alyssa because she couldn’t pronounce it. she was hoping for “amy.”

on to my mom’s side! they’re a little more reserved. ok, WAAAY more reserved. but whatevs. sunday was tamale-makin day. woooo. so yeah, as promised i took some pics. we ended up making a little over 50 dozen. aka a lot of freakin tamales.


this is after everything has been made and are divvying up everything into neatly wrapped dozens

my grandparents! demonstrating some srrrious teamwork


more cousins! but there are 4 others missing. including the tiny terror and pint-sized punk

and for the final, 12th week of christmas i decided to make a video of the tamale making. and to serve as a slight introduction to the little talked about rodriguez side.

christmas countdown: 1/2!

“christmastime is here”
vince guaraldi trio


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