my little pony, my little pony…tail

that’s the theme song i’ve had stuck in my head since i got my haircut. why? because my ponytail has shrunk! so i’ve been singing my little pony aloud and my dad ends it by saying “tail.” and it looks a little crazy in this picture because it was like curly/straight at the same time, so i just put it in a p-tail and called it a day ‘n night. not kid cudi style.

super. short.

compared to…

saaay whaaaa!?!

yo welcome.

moving on…i feel like i need to give a super brief overview of new year’s eve shenanigans…

  • we ventured over to the woodlands to caley’s super sweet pad, we = adriana, christy, genevieve, jeff & myself.
  • had dinner (some cheese over vegetables thing…raclette? maybe that’s the name of the cheese, i don’t really know)
  • went to visit caley’s grandma. she was tired, so we didn’t get to see her, but that’s ok!
  • played skip-bo (crazy card game)
  • played king’s cup with skip-bo cards because we didn’t have normal playing cards (the wikipedia definition is a little different than how we played it)
  • toasted champagne & lit some sparklers at midnight
  • went to the park across the street with cocktails in hand (probably not the best idea)
  • exited the park through a drainage ditch, which caley claimed was a trail…
  • played scene it
  • called it a night.

ta daaa! i feel like the whole cocktails at the park thing was a little illegal, but i’m not really sure…

this reminds me of a time i was driving to jeff’s house with genevieve and we saw a billboard for a defense attorney with a number to call. what was the number? 713-wasnt-me. am i joking? of course not! check it here. pretty funny, not gonna lie.

i was also told by a san antonian (?), who will remain anonymous, that living in houston will change me into a hoodlum and that i’ll be “robbing a mcdonald’s with a broom and a lead pipe” any day now.


it will be with a straw and a shank at a fancier place like fuddruckers.

ANYWAY, today was one for a record book of some sort.

one of my aunts gave another aunt, jeff & me a groupon voucher thing for pinot’s palette as a christmas present. pinot’s palette is a place where you bring your own wine/beverages + snacks and they supply an art instructor and paint + canvas + supplies needed for your “masterpiece.” so what does my aunt do? she chooses a day where they selected a freakin picasso to semi-recreate.

title: girl before a mirror

pfff, yeah. right.

however, our painting was more like a dumbed down version that was kinda paint-by-number-ish. meaning, thank you itty bitty baby jesus.

so this is what they redesigned for the not picassos…

i mean, it's not AS intense, right?

similar enough for me!

so this is what we all started with. our teacher lady drew them on every canvas before “class” started…

so we cheated...a lot. it was like a super intense paint by number, but instead of number it was paint by what they tell you.

and this is how ours ended up…

not too shabby! the aunt on the end is the one that bought us the class time!

pretty crazy if you ask me.

throughout the 3 hour process there was a little confusion, a lot of paint, and several of bottles of wine bein uncorked. collectively, not just for the 4 of us.

there was one point during our time when it was practically silent and i hear an “oops!” come from the my right. my aunt (the one next to me in the pic) had done some crazy design that didn’t match what we were told to do. that happened again later on, but by that point she and jeff decided to do their own interpretation of the interpretation. while my other aunt and i tried our best at sticking to what we were supposed to be doing. so yeah. cray-cray.

side note: these are the aunts that traumatized me with that puppet master movie.

now they’re talking about which painting they want to do next, but this time they want a party room. should be interesting. and if you’re interested and in houston, let me know, and i’ll let them know, then they’ll let me know, and it’ll come full circle when i let you know. woo! i love merry-go-rounds.

now comes a special shout to caley! she’s all the way up in chicago pursuing grad school dreams and stuff. she’s goin places. literally AND figuratively (see what i did there?) send good vibes to her while she transitions to chi-cah-gooyh weather.

i hope EVERYONE is off to a fantastic new year and are super pumped about what lays ahead!

cheers and hey-5s all around (hey-5 = high 5, c’mon now!)

“we r who we r”
(for some reason any k-e-dolla sign-ha, fits any/every crazy memory i have. should i be worried?)

2 Responses to “my little pony, my little pony…tail”
  1. Gen says:

    i love ke$ha, and i’m not sorry.

  2. Michael Adame says:

    Hahahaha! Ke-dolla sign-Ha

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