i ripped the metaphorical band-aid off and it hurt

once upon a time, “back to school” meant new pencils/pens, binders, notebooks, folders, and new shoes!

side note: this is the debbie downer of my blog collection. you’ll see soon enough…

now, for those of you putting off the whole being a full-fledged adult thing by seeking refuge in schools, like myself, understand the mixed feeling of joy and dread that “back to school” brings. joy because you get to see familiar faces that know your name but dread because that means a whole new set of books need to be bought.

it’s straight up terrifying.

today, i finally pulled up the list of books needed, stupidly thinking 2 books per class at max, right, alyssa? right!

wrong, alyssa, wrong! so dumb, so dumb, so dumb, SO! (antoine dodson reference? check.)

you seeee, i’m taking this class with an individual that insists on using 13 different texts. THIR.TEEN. 13! if i were taylor swift, i would think this was a sign of marvelous things ahead. (i feel like only hardcore taylor swift fans would understand that, know what i mean, lisa? no worries if you’re not. you can find out here! or not. completely up to you…)

obviously, i’m not taylor swift. so 13 books for ONE class is horrifying. the total of the entire spring semester book collection, including the 13 and assuming they are all new, is a whopping $1,239.40!

heeeelloooo, sticker shock.

now, remember, this is if EVERY book is new. i always ring up the new prices as a measuring tool so i can say, “at least it won’t be this much, mom/dad.” i told my dad, he fake cried, said he hated me, thought about it, then asked when i moved into a secret apartment and why rent was so much. ol’ reliable.

to top it off, some legit hoodlums tried to steal the rims/tires off of david’s new truck. how do i know this you ask? well, his warning alarm went off at like 3:30 tuesday morning. later on, my dad went outside to discover 2 bricks under the truck, a screwdriver, some lugs placed next to a tire and noticed some lugs missing from another tire.

naturally, my dad goes into some crazed protector person. he set up a motion detector near our driveway (that he got for christmas from my grandma/his mom…she just feeds his crazy) and has gone into “call of duty: black ops” mode. need proof of this? ok!

facebook doesn't lie.

when a war video game causes inspiration, you know there’s a problem…how about we discuss some cheerier things? lets.

genevieve and i tried a new restaurant that serves macaroni and cheese. as in, that’s all they serve. it’s called jus’ mac. they add some unlikely ingredients to create new ways to serve this childhood staple like meatballs. genevieve read the reviews beforehand that said the eatery was hit or miss. i believe it. i mean, you really gotta like macaroni and cheese. genevieve chose a bacon infused dish and ordered fried mac balls. that’s right, fried clumps of macaroni and cheese. i, more or less, got a frito pie on top of macaroni. it was reeeaaally good. so yeah, check it out if you can!

then! we went to this place called howl at the moon, which i just got back from literally, like, 15 minutes ago (time: 1:20-ish). it was sooo muuuch fuuun. my st. ed’s/uh friend, CHRISTINE, is awesome at trivia or something and won a happy hour party there. so we went, had some drinks, made some friends, laughed, sang and danced…in chairs. dueling piano bars are pretty much the bees knees. yes. the. bees. knees.

i’ll be visiting austin in several hours, i’ll see you there?

“f*** you”
cee lo green
(i feel like this song is appropriate for this post in particular? kinda. not really. but the video is cute? and if you like the glee/gwyneth paltrow version, ok! she’s hosting snl this weekend w/cee lo green as a performer, check it out if you like both!)

One Response to “i ripped the metaphorical band-aid off and it hurt”
  1. Michael Adame says:

    A Mac n Cheese only restaurant….my prayers to jebus have been answered! When I am in H-Town, we are definitely gonna have to go there!

    Dad going all “black ops” is pretty hilarious though, so it makes the whole bumper almost getting stollen a little better right? Right.

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