by all means, don’t let me hold you back from procrastinating

so i just had 3/4 of my classes. i feel like this is a trend where i attend every class but one. that happened last semester, too, but this time there was a legitimate reason for not having all 4 classes. ya know, MLK day. what uuup.

anyway. although i haven’t attended every class, i feel like this semester is going to be xxhardxcorexx. why? let me break it down for you.

**for those of you who don’t really care about school schmool, pick back up at the asterisks**

monday- research methods: gonna have to wait til next week.
tuesday- relational comm: 2 grades. 30% presentation on a chapter  and a 70% take home exam. blaaah.
wednesday- integrated comm: basically a pr/marketing class. the teacher is uber cool and lets our 8-person class call him by his first name because we’re grad students opposed to undergrad where they have to address him as dr. and said we basically have an A as long as we do our best. oh wait. we have to co-write a super important case study/paper with him and another student that he hopes will end up being published in a journal or get an invite to conference. too bad that’s not a joke. but seriously, it sounds like it’s gonna be a really cool class just super intense.
thursday- media corps and media content: aka 13-book class. got back from that class tonight. it wasn’t as bad as i thought…except for the 75-80 slides of his lecture. 3 hours of class. 2 of which were spent nursing a hand before it cramped up. note taking is pivotal in this class. why is that? he doesn’t believe in putting his slides online. woo! he also doesn’t believe in taking breaks. there are also only like 8 or 9 people in the class. that means no looking really busy with reading or taking notes when the class is asked a question. don’t pretend like you’ve never done that. pretty sure you have. we have to do a case study in this class, too, but by ourselves without a teacher co-writer. should be interesting though.

anywho. that’s my schedule. as you can see, it’s gonna be a lot of reading, especially for the thursday class, so i have to make sure i keep up with readings and assignments. but that doesn’t mean i can’t share some fun procrastinating sites with you. you could call them “stress relievers” if that makes you feel better?

**i was having a skype date/session/lesson planning event with my dear friend, kadie, and she introduced me to a new site! it’s called when parents text. like the title promises, it’s nothing but text messages from parents. here’s my favorite so far:

mom: i am so sorry about your accident!!!! i DID NOT panic but did cry a little when i heard!! … did I tell u the downstair bathroom is functional and GORGEOUS, it is WONDERFUL and i LOVE it!!

that’s right. completely disregard the accident and go straight to the new bathroom. love it.

(update 1/22: this is my new favorite…

dad: The good news is that I am just two days away from regaining my title as Mayor of Panera Bread…as long as that little bitch Matt keeps his skanky ass out of here.)

ALSO, there’s this conference that’s like super important and you have to be invited to speak and apply to attend. some of you may have heard of it? it’s known as the TED conference! i first learned about this last semester during one of the class presentations. it’s pretty cool. i haven’t had much time to watch very many speakers, but i wanted to share these 2, because they’re kinda really freakin cool.

the first is a love story told through emoticons. emo-what? emoticon…ya know like this 🙂 or 😦 or <>:->> (lindsay sent me that one day and i thought it looked like the pope. pretty sure it’s because of the hat)

this one is an art performance…that sounds weird, but that’s what it is. it’s really cooool. she uses projections and her shadow. pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

and to round out your cultured senses, you should check out banksy. he’s an english street artist that’s been around for a while. a lot of his stuff is really cool, like the photo attached to this post. he also just released his first and last film about street art, exit through the gift shop. i saw it and i got really frustrated with the guy the film was based around, not banksy, but another dude. i don’t like him at all. regardless, it was still really cool and it shows shepard fairey, the guy who did this:

but now he's being sued by the associated press...awkwaaard.

so yeah. that’s all i got for now.

you could also support my employer of 4 days and watch american idol? or not. completely up to you…

wish me luck on NOT procrastinating this year. i repeat, NOT procrastinating.

“whip my hair”
willow smith (don’t judge me. i love this song. don’t judge me!)

2 Responses to “by all means, don’t let me hold you back from procrastinating”
  1. Nicole Alvarado says:

    1. Can I be your case study?
    2. Did you see some prick is trying to sell banksy’s identity on eBay? lol

    • youseemnice says:

      1) umm…i don’t think so…just because you’re not a news/entertainment company in houston. lo siento.
      2) yes! and i think he’s already revealed the identity. super lame. and depressing that people just can’t let it be.

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