is you for realz?

no, i didn’t draw that picture. my cousin did on christmas.


see? trent with his masterpiece.

ahhh, memories.

lets get back to reality…oh there goes gravity (naaaaame thaaat tuuuuune!), but srsly.

i honestly don’t know what it was about the beginning of this week, but it was ridiculous. not a bad ridiculous. just the kind of ridiculous that makes you internally and/or verbally scream “really!?!” the type of really that combines 1 part genuine sincerity and 2 parts incredulous…ity. so i’m going to try my darnedest to accurately convey my feelings towards the events of le week.

first off, let me start with a quote i think was the catalyst to everything.
opening scene: david and my dad are watching some boxing/fighting thing while i’m trying to convince them to change it. i don’t really know what kind of fighting it was. ufc? mixed martial arts? they were barefoot?
dad: “i look like that guy–ripped. like my underwear.”
me: “really?”
david: (mumbling) “ripped like underwear…”


ok, fine. i’m used to the crazy, sometimes incoherent, comments any/every relative spits out. to be honest, i’m guilty of that, too. but c’mon!

shall i continue? hokay. so, as many of you may or may not know, the superbowl is comin up and the steelers and the packers are playing. are you surprised i know? i’m not! bunch of jerks. ha, just kidding. ANYWAY, my dad has been a fan of the packers for as long as i can remember. he even has a foam cheesehead. oooh the cheesehead. allow me to go off on the cheesehead for a bit.

for cheesy starters, he wore said cheesehead to work. got a coworker to take a picture of him wearing it. proceeded to upload the picture onto the computer. the uploaded picture is now his facebook picture.

question: would i lie to you?
answer: no. no i would not.

i don't have the mental capacity needed for the creativity to make this shiz up.

cut to 2 days ago when i came home, looked at the screen of the home computer and saw an order form to a cheesehead site. the clincher was the picture associated with the order form. a baby wearing a cheesehead. i have proof just for you.

i'm sorry small child. you're obviously taking this as some form of cruel and unusual punishment and you're not having any fun. what. so. ever.

i asked him what he ordered and he said he ordered a top hat cheesehead and that he was disappointed they didn’t have the fez in stock. what’s a fez?

the fez on the left. not the one on the right...i mean, they both visually describe a fez...but the one i'm talkin about isn't a tv character.

oh what’s that? you miss my super basic, not so great photoshop skills?
ooooh, alright, here ya go…

yo welcome.

back to the ridiculousness…

so, i was walking to my car after class tuesday night. it’s cold and windy and i have to frogger across a main street on campus to get to the parking lot. there were a couple of people in the parking lot (it’s well lit, that’s how i knew there were a couple of people there) and i notice a guy talking to someone in a car in a nonthreatening way, so i’m like whatever, keep walking.

this guy passes me then yells, “hey, we beat rice!” i assumed it was basketball since that’s all that’s goin on AND there’s this crazy rival between UH and Rice. so i said cool. (ps: i was talking on the phone for the majority of the time) so the b-ball dude took that as a vested interest, walked towards me and told me that in the building across the street the basketball team was having dinner and to go meet them.

mind you, this building is like a football field.5 away on a street perpendicular to the main street i had just crossed. how do i have such knowledge of this distance? i was standing in front of the football stadium in the parking lot. i said oh, ok…and kinda trailed off in speech and in distance towards the safe haven known as my car. as i was walking and as he continued walking to his intended destination before he decided to tell me about the dubya (win), he told me he could introduce me to whole team including his cousin, joseph, if i went over there.



#1 i had no idea there was a basketball game. i was in class for 3 hours.
#2 i definitely don’t know anyone who’s on the team. no doubt about that.
#3 who the heck is joseph!?! UH kids are super welcoming and inviting…literally. it was weird. i still don’t really know what happened.

and to round everything up there was a link genevieve posted on facebook about hipsters. here’s the problem: i don’t think i’m a hipster, but there are a few individuals that shall remain nameless that think i am.

negative. i mean, just because i have a weird fascination with mustaches, i like scarves, i wear glasses OUT OF NECESSITY, and i love me some music doesn’t mean i’m a hipster. in any case, i’ll post the link to the website righ hrr, so you can see it cause it’s kinda funny. and realize that i am nothing like those hipster personalities.

completely unrelated but if you wanna help a sista out, vote for my fellow comm friend, alex, on facebook! she’s an aspiring pin-up model. not joking. if she wins she’ll be featured in a magazine and on a billboard in houston…somewhere. so yeah! vote here!

also, (this is the last thing, i promise) here’s a general update on school…and a preemptive nerd alert.
– i have never read so much material before in my life. is it weird that i think my reading has…heightened? does that even make sense? i feel like i read faster. i should’ve just said that. oh well.
– my wednesday/integrated comm class had a change in the syllabus. we won’t be having a co-writing experience with our teacher anymore. it’s more of research comm study thing that has the potential to turn into a crazy paper AFTER the semester. sans grade. i’m kinda excited about it though. the whole class–all 8 of us–will be divided into 3 groups to interview professors and undergrads about their advertising, pr, or marketing class and observe them in class. it’s a qualitative study (oh, what’s that? comm sounding fancy? i think so!)…meaning, no numbers. aka, thank you, itty bitty baby jesus.

and now i’m done.

for your listening pleasure i have selected a song that may provoke the “really!?!” emotion i’ve been living all week.

happy weekending!

“peach plum pear”
joanna newsom

3 Responses to “is you for realz?”
  1. Michael Adame says:

    Hokay, first of all, your lack of different fighting styles makes me want to cry a little bit.

    Secondly, who was this man hitting on my woman? Am I gonna have to open a can of WHOOP ASS?!?!

    Thirdly, I’m loving the song….seriously. you know that’s my jam.

    Fourthly, I’m thinking you need a cheese hat of your own.

    Fifthly and finally, you’re a hipster. Get over it.

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