the closest i’ve gotten to having a drink was a handful of grapes

since we’ve last digitally met, a whole lot of nothin has happened.

well, i take that back.

texas decided to basically shut down due to our uncanny inability to function in temperatures below 50 degrees. this “winter storm” (borrowed from houston news) also caused  some crazy power issues and many a person was in and out of darkness for a couple of days. fortunately, i didn’t experience the joys of having to deal with the power company flipping the on/off switch all day.

(which you can read about here-this one talks about houston more– and here-in general)

however, i did have 2 classes cancelled! actually, 1 was cancelled on account of a bad combination of bad knees and cold weather to which i say, that sucks, because that sounds horribly painful and i can’t even imagine it.

the 2nd class was cancelled because the whole school was closing.

why? didn’t you hear!?! we were gonna have snow!

i’m pretty sure we could’ve gone to class. i know everyone in my class would’ve been miserable sitting for 3 hours. but needless to say, there was definitely a lack of snow angel material. and the weather channel’s promise of a “wintry mix” fell short, too. however, i’m sure you could whip up a nice playlist on pandora or itunes that would probably be waaaay more entertaining and safer…unless you like to jam at an amp level of 11…with your headphones on cause that can lead to some serious hearing loss.

some friends in fort worth got a super sweet snow storm. goin on their FOURTH day now. i’m kinda jealous because they got to sled and stuff…but then i think about how much it would suck to try and go somewhere in a vehicle…that would be annoying. but i mean, they did get to play in GOD’S FROZEN TEARS.

speaking of fort worth…and the dallas area in general…

the superbowl is this weekend!

as i’ve stated in the previous post, my dad is kind of a packers freak. and the palomos love them some football, so naturally they go all out and set up tents and tables in my grandma’s backyard with a tv in practically every room. but it might be cold…so i don’t know how insane it’ll be. but either way, if you’re in the houston area and are superbowl party-less or have nowhere else to go or just wanna hang out or you love football or you hate football or any combination of the aforementioned please do not hesitate to drop on in and make a guest appearance. you’ll get to meet my family (if you haven’t already met them) and see that i’m not exaggerating about anything. also! you don’t even need a passport! although it may feel like you do, you don’t!

here’s a picture from, like, 4 years ago…because that was the last time i was in houston around superbowl time.


here's one of my aunts wearing my brother's old football gear with what!?! A TV OUTSIDE.

so yeah. if you want to join in on the football festivities, let me know and i’ll give you the needed info. but seriously. i’m serious about this. if you are reading this and you want to attend. don’t. be. afraid. to ask me about it.

i don’t really know who’s gonna win. i haven’t exactly kept up with the stats and whatever of the football season, BUT i have a friend that has…ish. his name is jeremy. i’ve known him since 6th grade. and i’ve dubbed him my sports adviser.

i'd say this is fairly accurate of our friendship. this was taken our senior year at pi high. my glasses are off because he likes to put finger prints on them while pushing them up. it's like he's helpful but not. because in reality, he's just making things worse.

here’s a more recent pic…

seeee! we can take normal pictures, too! yay for friendship! yaaaaay!

anyway, he says the steelers will win by 10 because “they’re the better team. more experienced and fewer holes.” i was good until he said holes. then i got confused and didn’t tell him…so holes can go in several directions.

“holes” could equal:

  • personality (a-holes)
  • not really into religion (fewer holes = not as holy)
  • literally (gaping holes in their persons)
  • a football-playing strategy term (highly unlikely)

anywho, he just started a blog about his idears on sportz. check it out! leave him a comment saying i sent you along with your favorite color. i think he’ll like that.

completely unrelated but super quick. some of you may have watched the american idol auditions in austin. umm yeah, too bad our dvr decided to stop working and that’s the ONLY one i didn’t get to see. i tried watching the episode through a youtube channel that found a loophole by flipping the picture so it’s not really violating any rights but at the same time it’s basically what was aired. but alas, they didn’t have the LAST portion. i did get to see some of the people i temporarily befriended and they made it through! so that was kinda awesome.

aaaand i’m done.

hope everyone is staying warm or has a good reason for freezing, like if you’re playing the snow…

have fun, safe travels, take pictures!

sotp (in honor of the superbowl):
“black and yellow”
wiz khalifa
“green and yellow”
lil wayne

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  1. Please visit and please tell me your favorite color because without that everything else is meaningless.

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