my socks look like fun…fetti.

superbowl update: umm, in reality it’s over.

not in my house. my dad dvr’d it. so he’s watched it at LEAST 4 more times.
first time = AFTER the game…same night
second time = the next morning
third time = 4 days ago
fourth time = 2 days ago

i snapped a few shots on my phone of superbowl day. like, the live game. not the dvr’d days. sorry if they’re not that great. i couldn’t find my camera–surprise, surprise.

this was the entrance. was this necessary? no. but they set it up anyway.

my aunt and my dad. he's holding a "cheesehead cozy." and they're wearing cheeseheads from his personal collection. i called him cheese-pain. like t-pain but not. not even close.

see what i mean?

my grandma. they brainwashed her, too. please note the tether ball apparatus in the background on the left. her backyard is kid friendly. sadly, the monster cousins broke it.

they had 3 tvs: outside, kitchen, & where it normally lives.
don’t worry, i took pictures of those setups, too.

sorry it's a little dark and crazy hued. but cheese-pain's hat is aglow.

it's a wee blurry. i was laughing at something...or someone. but it looks like it may have been a serious conversation. in which case, i don't know why i was laughing.

it's a little wonky, but it'll suffice. nothing completes a home like a fully stocked gun case, piano, exercise equipment, and a mounted deer head in one room. and they added some football/superbowl flair with the texans' cheerleader cut-out for miller lite. it's in spanish. i blame my uncles for that one. ps: that's the piano my grandma wanted to "play" (because no one actually knows how to play) on christmas.

so yeah. that was my personal nfl experience.

everyone was excited the packers won. except my grandpa. he was the only one going for the steelers. he’s the one in the plush recliner. he was wearing a yellow shirt with blue stripes because that was the only shirt he owns that resembles black and yellow. he wasn’t upset or angry, though. he was indifferent. it was kinda weird.


on to other things, like american idol. ok, so they’re in the hollywood weeks now. BUT during one of the audition cities…which may have been chicago? (i don’t remember where they stopped) there was a family member of an auditioner (?) that made me laugh really hard but then i felt bad for her…but i still laughed. i found a vid. skip ahead to the :12 mark.


ya know what else is hilarious? these 2 blogs: things 90s kids realize & hyperbole and a half!
the 90s kids one i found on facebook, through stalker/creeper feed (facebook news feed). jsvec posted the link to a mutual pi high friend, so i clicked it. yo welcome.
i don’t know how i found the hyperbole .5 blog. either way, it’s still awesome. yo welcome, again.

and if you’ve got the words with friends app or the QRANK app. add me as a friend, please?
it’s debatable as to whether i’m actually good at words with friends, because i feel like i just get lucky with some turns. it’s a scrabble-y game.
QRANK is a trivia game. i suck at that game. like hardcore. and i don’t like to use the help lines they give you because i feel like that’s cheating…and i’m stubborn. translation: i suck at that game.

ps: they’re both fo free!

i’m pleased with how interactive this post is.

i’ll save the whiney/complaint-filled post about my thursday night class for a later time. because it would ruin this post. like, frreal. on the plus side, i’ll be back in austin in a month¬†livin it up during sxsw! it’s like the springtime christmas. i’m kinda pumped about it.

happy valentine’s day weekending? unless you plan on goin out on monday. whatevs.

hearts all around!

“rocketeer (feat. ryan tedder)”
far east movement


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