austin, tx, continue to let your freak flag fly

here yee , here yee, i’ve returned to the bloggin. also, just a heads up, i may or may not be tired which translates into i may or may not be delirious at this moment. so you’ve been warned.

here’s a rough update of the past (almost) month.

– had to babysit my cousins. got a SUPER CUTE video of my littlest cousin BEAT BOXIN. like, legitimately. she’s 3. so here’s the link. because you need to see it to believe it.

– went to a concert of a pal in a band called finley knight. adriana and i kinda made friends with the bartender. not my fault…anyway, here’s a pic.

the lights were SO COOL.

– the creature my family calls a “dog” went missing again. and NO, it wasn’t my fault! i actually found him. he was with a lady walking her 3 dogs of equal size. none of them were chihuahuas. he thought by camouflaging himself with the other dogs he wouldn’t be found. he could only dream. either way, i still hate him.

– i’ve been A.DDIC.TED. to this site called pinterest. it’s a collaborative effort of people coming together and sharing photos/ideas. it’s like if martha stewart and stylists met twitter. it’s awesome. check it out and if you’re interested let me know and i can send you an invite!

–  this past wednesday & thursday were unnaturally hellish. i had a 3 HOUR presentation over 7 articles for the class we all love to hate. all 8 of us. so here’s what happened. read the articles sporadically during the week. then after my wednesday class, finished reading and began the powerpoint.
1. it took a little over 12 hours to complete.
2. i got 3 hours of sleep. an hour of sleep per presentation time.
3. when i woke up from my sleep-nap i tried to save the powerpoint to a usb drive with about 45 minutes to spare.
4. powerpoint was “missing files” so it wouldn’t open.
5. cue panic attack. tears were a flowin.
luckily i had saved it in google docs so i could print out the slides+slide notes i took, but funny story. google docs doesn’t save the notes you take on the slides.  so i was able to give the presentation through google. i’m pretty sure that’s been my worst presentation experience. ever.

but all of that is fine and dandy. BECAUSE i figured if i could survive that, then i’m pretty much ready for whatever else may find its way into my academic voyage. like christopher columbus.

– i’m in austin! like, right now. for sxsw/spring break. i came into to town early so i could catch up with friends. so far so good. i really miss austin and coming back made me feel like i hadn’t left. which. was/is. awesome. so i’ll be jumping around from couch to couch for 10 days. for now i’m at adriana/t. lil’s place. t. lil wants to make a video or some sort so i have to help her with that…

and that’s basically what’s been goin on in list form. because i love lists. like the part in anchorman when steve carrell’s character says “i love lamp.” yeah. that’s how i meant for it to be understood…not grammatically correct. like, how you actually and should have interpreted. maybe i should have said i love list. did i mention i was tired? also, the picture attached to this blog was taken TODAY (3/11) at waterloo with my new camera! it’s a canon powershot s95. it’s really nice. i got it fo mah birfday comin up. blech, 23. gives me da heeby jeebies. whatever. i feel like it’s christmas. i’m just excited in general.

hopefully i’ll have some fun stories after sxsw.

in the meantime, be nice, have fun, party hardy, safety first. ironically, listed last in this line. it’s the technique of leaving you with a final comment that you remember…hope it works.

“just dance (feat. colby o’donis)”
lady gaga


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