spring done broke

well, well, well, fancy seeing you here. how’ve ya been? take a load off, stay for a while.

ok…i’ve got my inner creeper reverse hitchhiker out. but frreal, this one is pretty lengthy. and i’m sorry. i obviously have no control over length…on my own blog. i like redundancies.

if you, like myself, had this little 7 day luxury known as “spring break” you know the importance of stretching it out for as looong. as. possible, which is exactly what i did. in austin. and it was marvelous.

so first and foremost i would like to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of the poor souls who graciously endured my presence throughout the week as follows:

  • adriana & t.lil–t. lil thanks for chauffeuring me around austin for a couple of days. it was a nice introduction back into the city.
  • robby & corbin–sorry i didn’t say bye. you see, they were asleep when i left so i snuck out as quietly as i could.
  • christy & claire–THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for allowing me to stay for like 6 days. unheard of! super awesome gals, these two. they also have the BEST bean bag i’ve ever seen or slept on.
  • josh & nicole–sorry i was basically beat by the time i saw yall BUT i’m glad i got to hang out with yall and chit chat. it was nice.

now onto spring break festivities known as south by south-freakin-west!

for beginners, we attended a little thing called “badge pick-up” where we received our perk for volunteering. it was basically our key to 6th street. what’s that? you wanna see a pic? i don’t know if i cou–ok!

newly badged. and again, i forgot to change my picture. oh well. greg, christy & claire were pumped, too. except for claire because her picture was taken at an upward angle. but it's all good.

the next day i had to go to an “out-of-town” volunteer meeting, where i saw michael ian black looking super lost and confused. i got a really bad phone shot of him.

he was looking at a pillar of swag.

so yeah, that was pretty cool.

on the first day of music panels, the green room gave to me (think 1st day of christmas. cause that’s basically what it felt like) the green room was aflutter with selena’s family. yes, THE selena, the singer who was killed by the president of her fan club. not selena gomez…get real people! turns out the US post office is releasing some forever stamps of a few iconic latin music starz and her family was there for the unveiling.

then, in one of the panel rooms i was working, i met greta salpeter of the hush sound // gold motel. that was pretty cool. i love the hush sound. so i had to be professional and not freak out and scream i have all of your albums and saw you live x amount of times…also saw andrew w.k. loungin around the halls. he looked dirty and clean all at the same time. i think it was the white pants.

…aaanyyywaaay…i wanted to see chiddy bang later on but turns out he was at the woodie awards so the lineup listed everywhere was way wrong. so instead i caught erk tha jerk, roach gigz, and chet haze aka tom hanks’ son. yeah, it was kinda random. erk tha jerk lived up to his name. he performed 2.25 songs. he started a 3rd then said “i thought this was a hip hop show” and peaced out. whaterr. i then wandered over to meet alex to see the eastern sea. the st ed’s band. they were supa sweeeet. they were really grateful some st ed’s kids showed up. it was cute.

fun fact: the drummer, zach, and i have the same birthday! found that out freshman year.

day 2. the donnas‘ lead singer, brett anderson, was in my panel room along with ted leo talking about being healthy on the road. it was interesting, they made people do yoga, which was kinda funny. and then i sat in on an interview with chamillionaire. who is super impressive. like, i want to be his friend. he also managed to reference susan boyle, justin bieber, and master p in 1 sentence. afterward i saw chamillionaire and the lead singer of duran duran, simon le bon,  in the same hallway. only at sx.

after panels, we traveled around 6th and found ourselves sitting on a curb outside of the pepsi max building. a drunk dude walked by telling us we were blocking the road. false. we were sitting in an already blocked off section of the road. either way he started talking to us about the shows he wanted to see. ryan schmidt crept up and brought a lot of excitement and the drunk guy acted like he’d known him for years. the drunk guy then asked if we wanted to go to a party and that he could get us passes without waiting in line. he just had to run to his car to get his phone charger. we were like yeah, ok, whatever. ryan had to leave and we kept sitting. homeboy came back with his charger and we began our tour de drunk. here’s a snippet of our conversation:

me: excuse me, sir, please don’t get horribly offended but before we enter a dark room with you, may i ask what you do for a career?
joshua (he’d introduced himself by this point): that’s too many questions! i can only take 1 question at a time!
me: …soooo,  you’re not gonna answer?

he must be freelance. either way it was really funny. and we surprisingly didn’t feel like it was stranger danger at all. he even let us take a pic with him!

seeeee! completely harmless. but always use caution.

so joshua went up to the front of the line, mumbled something about needing 3 passes, and next thing i know we have passes in our paws. it was crazy. then he went on his way. he was a sx party angel. sad thing is we didn’t even stay for the party. we called it an early night.

day 3. nothing too exciting goin on in my panel rooms. perez hilton was there looking like a clean hobo. yoko ono was in the hizzy as well. i wasn’t in her panel room but i heard that she showed a short film entitled “flies” that was basically a close up of her lady flower with a fly on it…as well as close up of a naked walking man butt that is speculated to belong to john lennon. oooh, yoko, you crazy lady, you.

post panels we were given the hookup by the lovely lovely ryan schmidt, who was working a party for his internship. so we were gettin our drink on–responsibly, of course! after that, alex really wanted to see this band called givers. they’re from louisiana. on our way there i totally tripped on a tree thing and ate it. like lying-on-my-back-with-glasses-on-the-ground-laughing ate it. it was ok because i was due a hearty fall for this year.

givers at momo's. you can't really see it but the guitarist's eyes kept rolling to the back of his head whilst performing. it was kinda creepy. but alex clarified that he wasn't on drugs that's just how he rolls...joints. JUST KIDDIN!

day 4. the final day! in the assigned panel room, i met the drummers for hole and the go-go’s. hanson was supposed to be on that panel, too, but they had to cancel in order to help raise funds for japanese children. the panel was appropriately titled: “help! i need somebody: musicians with a cause.” and then i saw the evan from evan and jaron–the musical twins–hangin out in the green room.

the last night out, i thought my friend, kat, was doin lights for a band she typically does lights for, speak, but alas she was at the parish workin. so after that we chilled in the lobby of a hotel waiting for the rest of the gang to get out of whatever show. from there everyone was going back to the party from the night before while i waited out the time to see panic! at the disco. while waiting by my lonesome and catchin up with jeff via phone, i totally saw the lead singer of the counting crows on his way to check in. we made eye contact. it was weird. after panic, i met up with everyone at neon trees and called it a sx.

panic! at the disco at stubbs. they're really good. like seriously good.

neon trees at emo's. the lead singer is a little cray-cray. at one point he was laying on some speakers.

and it’s been a ridiculous week back in school.

apparently there’s a name for when sx catches up with you and your brain refuses to function called, sx sars? christine told me about it today. here’s a vid.

i hope you enjoyed my tales and i truly am sorry that this post is so long but there was just SO MUCH STUFF that happened.

and now i’m done taking up your time.

happy weekending!

“sweet disposition”
the temper trap
(i don’t know why, but this song always reminds me of austin. always.)

4 Responses to “spring done broke”
  1. Nicole Alvarado says:


    • youseemnice says:

      haha seriously! one of my friends is OBSESSED with selena, so he just quoted the movie for like 2 hours. like, the last time i saw him was last summer, so when i finally saw him he didn’t even say hi. he just said selena’s family is in this room. and i was like ooh, hey, nice to see you, too?

  2. catapultm says:

    Question: Is the lady with the fruit on her head the same one from The Three Caballeros? You know, the one that goes “commo mes cookies ajah!!!” and then the music goes shecky shecky shesh! shecky shecky shesh!

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