nobody likes you when you’re 23

so my birthday was last saturday (3/26). i just accepted being 22 then 23 had to go and ruin everything!

ha. i cared for about a day.5 then i got over it. i even sent this little gem out to the interwebs…

haha ridiculous. i didn’t even go through with it. i ended up finishing everything in one day. i should have procrastinated more. oh well.

the birthday festivities included: fishing, barbecue (cuz wrr frum tayxus, yall), a puppy, a butterfly kite (pictured above, duh), and some family members. you seeee, my grandpa (palomo) owns 25 acres that borders a family friend’s (jesse) 25 acres. my grandpa lets jesse use the land to grow hay and in return jesse lets us fish on his portion. it’s a pretty nice trade off.

my dad’s been taking us fishing for a while now. he took david and me fishing when we were each 3. so we caught our first fish at 3, which is quite the feat if you think about it. i had a snoopy pole.

this is it! it's like 3 ft long. i'm not even joking. i'm so glad i found it!

this is the original pond. it's a donut/bagel shape. connected by a red bridge. there used to be a metal blue seating thing that encircled the tree but that silly tree just kept growin and broke it. so it's gone. jesse added 2 other ponds...but they're not as aesthetically pleasing nor have the same emotional attachment. that's also my uncle's silhouette...

since my dad’s so good at math, he was happy to point out that this was my “20th anniversary,” which apparently makes me a professional. i responded with a “pffyeahright,” then, i cringed a little. either way i associate it with my childhood.┬áso yeah. fun shtuff.

also! thanks to everyone who decided to spread the love on the birthday via phone call, text message, tweet, facebook comment or any combination of the above. i really do appreciate it! and if you forgot…there’s always next year! haha just kiddin. it’s cool.

(see what i did there?)

i finally watched the rebecca black video in its entirety. i don’t know what to say about it. it’s interesting. and i’m not gonna lie i like the partyin, partyin, YEAH, partyin, partyin, YEAH, fun, fun, fun part. at the next party i’m at i’ll probably sing that…or not. but i’d put money on yes. you’ve been warned.

if you haven’t seen it, or you have no clue as to what i’m even blabbering about because you don’t like to watch tv or go online here ya go:


this reminds me of the sxsw panel where i was slightly fangirl’ing out over the singer of the hush sound being mere feet away from me (i would have said inches, but that would imply that i was all up in her grill and i wasn’t. mentally maybe but definitely not physically…that sounded weird…never mind), they were talking about memes (pronounced like “seems” but with a M instead of S. obviously…).

if you were in the freshman studies class, “ideas & innovations,” you know what i’m talking about. also, if you’re internet-lingo savvy you know what i’m talkin about but if you didn’t go st. ed’s or you did go to st. ed’s and you didn’t listen to the freshman advisor and chose something way cooler like “the 60s,” allow me to explain.

actually, let me let merriam-webster explain:

an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.

an example would be LOLcats.

hilarious. seriously. how do you not laugh at that!?!

as well as this little guy: y u no.

ain't he cute slash terrifying.

i digress.

there are 2 sites i just found out about that i wanted to share. the first one is run by 2 panelists of that panel i mentioned (before i went off on memes). they’re both tumblr sites.

the daily what is quickly becoming my new favorite place.

while i’m talking about favorite things and sxsw aka music…who wants to be a concert buddy!?!

now, before i reveal the shows i wish to see, please remember: open minds, open hearts. because you’re probably gonna get your judging goggles on. or whatever you where when you judge…perhaps a pin with a notepad or a robe with a gavel?

  • ke$ha. friday, april 29th. verizon wireless theater.
  • panic! at the disco. wednesday, june 15th.┬áhouse of blues.
  • katy perry. friday, july 29th. toyota center OR saturday, july 30th. frank erwin center.

any takers!?! eeeehhhhhh? think about it?
k, cool.

and that’s basically it.

i’ve got articles to read, questions to post, a take home exam to finish, research to conduct, and a paper to write. i wish the research part was a joke added for exaggeration but i fear it’s not. jokes on me. le sigh.

hope you’re off to a more successful week.
on the plus side, tomorrow’s hump day!
(middle of the week! keep it clean!)


“when the day met the night”
panic! at the disco
(subliminal messages? what do you know!?!)

8 Responses to “nobody likes you when you’re 23”
  1. catapultm says:

    Wasn’t that Friday song LIFE CHANGING! I can honestly say Friday is now my new favorite day, and thinking about it makes me me me so excited! (See what I did there?!?)

  2. Nicole Alvarado says:

    Umm…I HAD THAT EXACT SAME SNOOPY FISHING POLE! Except I’m far too metropolitan to use it to actual fish. Instead, my dad made me and my sister a fake lake out of cloth and paper fish with paper clips attached to them and we’d set up a tent in our bedroom and go fake-camping and fake-fishing…but sometimes I got tired of pretending cuz I’m not a poser and neither was 9-year-old Nicole so I’d sometimes maybe make real fires. But quickly put them out cuz even then I knew I was a rebel without a cause.

  3. feministish says:

    OMG lets go to the kesha concert PLEASE! I just imagine that it will be dirty and really bad and full of glitter. I’ll find a way to get to TX. I’ll find a way!

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