i’m pretty much a domesticated hercules

oh, hellooooo there (i was channeling mrs. doubtfire for that greeting, duuur)!

sooo in regards to the title of this post…
wha ha happend wuzzz, i was on my way to austin this past weekend and the sun was basically shooting lazer rays down on me for a little over an hour n’a half. so i said in my brain, i wonder if my visor will help block this sun (and to be clear, it was a car visor not the topless hat, ha sounds risque…slutty hat. haha, sorry) so i was driving and trying to pull the stupid thing out of the little snappy in area…yes, i’ve graduated twice (goin on thrice)…and it literally wouldn’t move.

so i was getting angry. and no one likes me when i’m angry.

i decided to wait until i got to a stop light which would be in like 5 minutes because i was near giddings, tx (aka when the freeway turns into main street) and i would be able to see what was the dealio up there. so there i am. at a stop light. fussing with the visor and i may or may not have hulked out in a matter of seconds. the result? i inadvertently ripped one side of the visor out of the car. mah bad.

2 minutes later: how the hell did i manage to do that?
5 minutes later: hahahahahahahahahahahaha

and don’t worry, i have photographic evidence.

at least it was a clean break, right?

i mean, it has a screw and everything. so the next time you make me mad think back to this photo...THIS COULD BE YOUR HEAD. haaaaa, yeah right.

so yeah. it was pretty funny. i asked the handy dandy j.nan if he could patch up the ruins of my hulk rage and he said he could because he’s josh and he can fix things n’stuff. i think it’s the results of livin in the country (rural areas. not like the US, i mean, yes to both accounts, but more of the ah-kahnda-have-a-twang-wayn-ah-tahlk…sorry josh. you don’t really sound like that allofthetime)

it took longer to walk to my car than it took for him to fix it. i think he was laughing at something i said (because i'm just naturally hilarious pffHA! that was a joke) about thinking i'd need to take it in to a shop to get it fixed. you'd think it was funny, too, if you were josh. i didn't even know you could break that part.

to publicly extend my thanks, i dedicate this rap to you, joshua allen nannen:

thank you j.nan.
you da man.
cause you do all dat you can.
yep, i’m a fan.
too bad you don’t have a brother named stan.
either way i’m glad you’re mah fran.

heyooo! yeah, that was lame, whatever!

soo once in austin and my green skin subsided, i attended the sxsw volunteer party! ha i bet yall are sick of hearing about sx but ya know what!?! sorry. then hung out with lots and lots of friends…which reminds me…
christy&claire and josh&nicole, thanks a bajillion for allowing me to stay in your humble abodes. if yall were any kind of weapon yall would def be da bomb. yo welcome. thank you, but yo welcome. ha

also, while at josh&nicole’s we were joking about the dirty dancing lift when all of a sudden nicole is up in the air. she looked like peter pan.

i honestly don't know why i love the look of paint-made graphics/photos. i think they're fun..ny!

once back home in houston, my grandma held a birthday party of sorts for my grandpa. all was fine and dandy until an aunt brought up the idea of going to a gun range.

say whaaa?

so what does my dad say, “go to the gun case and grab a (bb) gun.” so my aunt goes in and comes out with a gun. they set up a makeshift target area consisting of a root beer can. a water bottle and beer can were added later.

my aunt goes first. my dad’s telling her what to do while i chronicle this momentous occasion. here’s my favorite one of her after my dad did his demo.

shock and awe.

needless to say, she hits the can on her first shot.

on to my grandma. my grandpa comes out to inform everyone that she’s crazy. um, thanks grandpa, i figured that out a whiiiile ago. so she misses her first 3 shots because she’s “shaky.” no lie. but then she gets the 4th. my dad called her grannie oakley. she responded with, “you can call me whatever you want, they’re still coming down.” cue nervous laughter.


then of course i was family-pressured into taking a turn. mistake. so my dad just hands me the gun, tells me how to stand and hold it, and that’s about it. so i shoot. i miss. BUT hit my grandma’s flower and a stem fell over. mah bad. 2nd time was better. i hit it and quit it! hahaha i’ve always wanted to say that and have everyone take it out of context. anyway, my grandma collected the corpse and brought it to me to bury…in hopes of growing.

she brought me my kill.

and now it’s crunch time for school work. i have exactly 4 weeks left. craaazyyyy.

but i will leave you with some stuff to check out!

  • a fellow classmate told us about this search engine that doesn’t track your ip address aka doesn’t cyber stalk your every key stroke. it’s called ixquick!
  • and you should definitely check out this article on another classmate hoping to be charlie sheen’s tiger blood intern. frreal. she’s been on a media blitz this week and was interviewed by the houston chronicle! dooo itttt!
  • aaand finally. rounding out the list is a video of the colbert report and james franco. why? why not!?! just watch it?

happy friday friday go get down on friday…i don’t know the rest of words…!

partyin partyin YEAH!

happy weekending!

“when they fight they fight”

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