it would be happy-dance time but school is interfering

greetings, hope this post finds you well and unlike me.

let’s just say being a procrastinator is hard work. and now i’m definitely feeling the wrath of the academic gods. but it’s ok! BECAUSE there are only 2 weeks. undoubtedly 2 of the worst future weeks of my life but nonetheless, just 2 weeks.

onward march,
i don’t know if you’ve heard this buuut james franco? he is totes enrolling into UH fall 2012. how do i know this? my wednesday class spent the beginning of class looking up this rumor. it was on 4/20…so we thought it was a stoner joke. it was released in the creative writing program’s blog. yes, a blog. check it here. (pg. 13, 1st column, 2nd name listed)

but alas, tis true! here’s the houston chronicle (thanks t.lil) and e! sayin it’s legit. it all began when our class digitizer brought it up. then everyone became giddy, except for the only guy in the class.

so why UH? excellent question! we didn’t know either until the class digitizer explained that the creative writing program is super duper and one of top programs in the nation. apparently they only accept 20 applicants each year. which sounds insanely stressful.

so yeah, once we saw the name with all of the ridiculous MFAs associated with it, our hearts knew the truth. this then led to the question of “why would you need so many MFAs?” my answer/our only answer: “WHY ARE YOU JAMES FRANCO!?!”

after that bit of enlightenment, any time someone answered with a super smart explanation, the question of why they were james franco was set in motion.

*nerd alert*

here’s an example:
teacher: “what  are some things that affect purchases…”
student: “isn’t it based on cost benefit of analysis.”
cue everyone looking impressed and nonverbally giving her a hard time/praise…which may have led to a tweet to her…and her response was basically comparing herself to james franco. she’s a good sport. it was pretty hilarious, not gonna lie.

turns out he needed a nap. don't judge and say you've never fallen asleep in class or have come super close to it. i'm sure everyone is guilty...

next item to be discussed…
funny thing about my grandma, she’s notorious for: thinking certain political affairs are based on conspiracies, lecturing a grandkid/her own kid about something that she deems unacceptable, asking trivial questions, always going to home depot/lowe’s, and taking the role of life coach.

here’s an example.
in 6th grade she asked me why i didn’t want to dye my hair blue or pink (my choice), get corn rows or get lots of ear piercings. may i add that i was coming out of being painfully shy and that these suggestions were like asking me to cut my arm off and sell it on the black market. (i don’t know where i come up with these hypothetical situations/questions either. that one made me question myself)

more recent example (yeah, it’s a good one)
grandma: “alyssa, what are you going to do with your life after you graduate?”
me: “umm. i don’t really know. hopefully something i like but i don’t know if the corporate world is for me”
grandma: “well, listen, i was thinking since you have all that photo…stuff…that you could take pictures…”
me: “…oook?”
grandma: “yeah, take pictures like those crime scene investigators. i was watching csi and that movie sunshine cleaners? that looks like fun!”
me: “uuuuhhhhh…”

i’m sure that would be the best bet for me if i was super intrigued by crime and/or potentially photographing a dead body or 10. her other ideas included being on the camera crew for a news station, i tried to explain how that’s more production, “well, you can learn!;”and event planner. i don’t know how she got to event planner from her previous ideas, but i’ll take it. and it’s weird because event planning is sounding pretty sweet right about now. but i don’t know. we’ll see.

if you have any ideas for what i should do with my life, please, do tell.

and to wrap it up, i’m including some dancing vids i think you should definitely check out!

i want to befriend this kid.

i will be expecting nothing less at every wedding i attend.

you go grrl! haha my favorite parts: hearing the hat land on the floor and the lights. definitely the lights.

happy weekending and happy easter! wut wut.

“check it out”
nicki minaj &
(cause that kid made it look tons o’fun.)

3 Responses to “it would be happy-dance time but school is interfering”
  1. Michael Adame says:

    That little chinito was rocking that shit out. I was wondering where the lights were gonna come in, but then I saw it, and realized why you were so mesmerized!

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