what IS the capital of tomato?

hello fine friends!

so i really don’t want to think. like at all.

this weekend/next week will be hor.ri.ble. and i mean that from the bottom of my heart.

you see, i didn’t think it would be that bad. 1 paper, 1 final, 1 homework assignment, 1 research summary thing, and 1 essay take home exam. sounds relatively tame, right? wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

i was so naive. stupid thursday class had to ruin it all. our essay take home thing is 10 questions with 3 parts/question. meaning 30 questions to answer in essay format. homeboy’s crazy.

shoot me now.

please don’t. that was just one of those weird morbid sayings.

anyway. this is my break for internet shenanigans. woo!

some of you may be tired of this upcoming topic while others will be thrilled. i’ll give you a hint. it happened at 5 am this lovely friday friday gonna get down on friday.

royal wedding? ding ding ding!

so i watched it with my grandma and my aunt. aka best life decision of the week.

i was originally just gonna watch it with my grandma while sippin on some tea. when my aunt, a notorious cryer, texted me “guess who’s already crying!” she saw the princes in the car. then she invited us over to watch it with her:

“yall should come over. we all could have a spot of tea (said with british accent)”

here’s some commentary from both of them:

grandma: “awww, look at harry…what’s all that shit he’s wearing?”

yep. the uniform was an issue.

someone on the bbc channel commenting on prince william looking excited before the ceremony…
grandma: “he’s not excited, he’s nervous. fools.”

my aunt was texting my other aunt…
aunt: “i just texted sylvia asking her what the queen’s last name is and she said ‘of england'”

during the ceremony my aunt and i were yelled at for not paying attention. my grandma asked a question and we couldn’t answer it…

oh, ps- my aunt got dressed up…

she was excited about that hat. and the wedding. and taking pictures of herself with the tv to make it look like she was there...

it was pretty entertaining.

aaand my time’s up.

whenever i resurface, who’s up for a drink…or two?

“rill rill”
sleigh bells

One Response to “what IS the capital of tomato?”
  1. feministish says:

    1. love your aunt’s hat
    2. love this sleigh bells song

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