bring on the marathons, it’s summer

oh mah goodness. it seems to have been 2 weeks since i’ve last typed out something that didn’t need to be turned in for a grade.

let’s see, the end of the semester was awful.

BUT 3/4 of my grades reflect a successful semester. i only say 3/4 because the dreaded thursday class hasn’t posted grades yet. don’t worry they were due yesterday (as in monday 5/16). so, ya know, that’s fun. the waiting game and such.

attended a bridal shower soiree for dj flo (amanda). while she was opening her wedding gifts she informed everyone that every time someone bought something off her registry she got an email notification about what was bought. this led to many a grumble and “what!?!” from everyone. there’s also a tradition thing about not breaking bows on the presents?

does anyone know about this?

while the bride-to-be opens presents, every¬†purposeful/accidental broken ribbon/bow means a baby. broken bow = 1 child. that’s a great trade off, right? just in case you’re nervous/stressed/anxious about the wedding in general, let’s just throw a superstition on in there shall we. never knew that.

needless to say, amanda was very delicate with the bows. AND they saved the frills for a ribbon bouquet to be used at the rehearsal. caley and her mom made major contributions to that. there were 2 bows with ribbons that was the size of a newborn baby. caley, don’t try and deny it, because you know it’s true!

then a few days later i went to austin/ft. worth for some graduation shindigs. went out thursday like the good ole days and saw some of brother’s friends in a bar…not like the good ole days. it was one of their birthdays. it was weird. but other than that it was fun. hung out with now newly dubbed alums of st. ed’s. then we ventured over to ft. worth and saw jeff graduate with his stinkin master’s.

he got snippy with me while i took this picture, "i'm not in it!" blah blah whaterr.

special thanks to nicole for lettin me crash in her apt. and to jeff & jared/valerie for letting us stay in their place for a couple days.

we crammed 5 people, 1 actual bed, and 2 air mattresses into jeff’s tetris’d room and shafted jeff–the graduate/reason we were there–to the living room couch. we’re basically the best friends you could ask for. we just totally bogart any and all personal space and set up shop. i’m surprised that the bathroom situation worked out so well. people changed in closets to help out. every time someone came out of the closet i silently giggled/smirked and played an r. kelly song about being in the closet in my head. because there are like 50 songs about that.

we played a few card games…and pretty pretty princess. adriana won both rounds of that. hit the road the next day and now, here we are. i have an advising meeting tomorrow that will help define the rest of my academic life at UH. hopefully it’s swell and everything goes in my favor. chances are it won’t though…so i’m not geting my hopes up just for them to be horribly horribly dashed. oh well.

cross yo fingaz?


until then, i’ll be enjoying marathons of project runway and america’s next top model, glee, the voice, and summer reads. first up, water for elephants by sara gruen, courtesy of adriana. she lent it to me a while ago and now i finally have time to read it.

don’t forget to use sunscreen!

“5 years time”
noah and the whale


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