shenanigang. unite!

seems like it’s every 2 weeks for a blog these days. oh well.

so since the last time we’ve met via blog space i went to my first st. ed’s alumni event with genevieve! it was pretty sweet/snazzy/fancy like whoa. it was a dress rehearsal at the houston ballet for 2 performances in one.

after getting lost driving and in the underground system of the parking lot, we awkwardly entered during a little speech of a guy that works with the ballet. we tried really hard not to make a lot of noise and we descended down the stairs. it’s like in those movies at a ball of some sort when a super elegant lady stands atop a staircase and descends with all eyes on her. now picture genevieve and i looking super awkward moving down the stairs trying not make any clicking heel noises while whispering to each other about how late we were and if we could get any wine.

so it was super cool. the first performance was like a super traditional ballet and the second was like a contemporary southern thing. it was supa sweet. except the music cues were off and the director kept yelling at the music…coordinator. person? i felt bad for that guy.

other than that it was all good in the hood.

then a few days later i had sushi with 2 of my aunts (the crazy ones), a cousin, and jeff for his graduation/birthday. pretty sure my aunts argued for about 80% of it. afterwards, they decided they wanted to walk down the street to relive their glory days and stomping grounds.

translation: mistake.

so one is drunker than the other and we walk past a tarot card/palm reader place when we’re stopped because the drunk one decided she HAD to get her palms read. too bad the lady was busy. so we continued on our way until she decided she wanted a piercing (before all of this they were trying to convince me to get a tat. ain’t gonna happen. they try to peer pressure me into a lot of things). they also tried to go into a bar, but my cousin is 19, so i was pretty happy he was around.

once we convinced everyone to get back in the car without additional ink or holes, everything was fine and dandy before they started arguing again and giving bad advice.

longest sushi dinner/night ever.

other than that, i’ve been hanging out with pi high/st. ed’s folks and reading books. lots and lots of books.

so far i’ve read:
water for elephants– sara gruen
something borrowed– emily giffin
battle of the labyrinth (percy jackson, #4)– rick riordan
animal farm– george orwell
charlotte’s web– e.b. white

judging my book selections i’m a 12-16 year old girl. how’s that for demographics? i tend to throw those off. don’t worry though, i have some age appropriate picks lined up…somewhere. don’t judge me.

if you have any suggestions that would be fan-freakin-tastic. i’m game.

it’s june.
that means there’s a bachelorette party comin up, a wedding, david’s 21st birthday, my mom’s 50th birthday, and a dentist appointment. woo.

other than that, it’s the middle of summer.
go nuts.
you have my blessing.

just wear you some spf. you can’t undo the sun.

“psychic city (voodoo city)”


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