i survived a party

well, well, well, what do we have here?

basically, i was sick last week. and it sucked hardcore. everyone in my house was sick. it was awful. i’m feeling better, just ready for all of the symptoms to disappear completely.

before i single-handedly exhausted a whole box of kleenex, there was amanda’s bachelorette party.

oh. boy.

we stayed in austin for 3 days/2 nights in the hilton with a super sweet deal thanks to lauren and lauren’s dad.

this was our view. the red box is surrounding 6th street. we were 2 blocks away from it. perfect walking/stumbling distance.

we got there friday, had dinner, and then everyone hit up 6th. i was tired so i was the lame one that stayed behind to wait for them to come back.

it was hilarious. there were “broken” pants and a lot of mixed emotions. it was basically a roller coaster.

in the morning, the bride-to-be was a little beat up so we kinda hung around until she felt better then headed to new braunfels to float the river.

she wanted bread to soak up the alcohol in her stomach...she didn't make it very far on that. she did manage to make the bagel into a trough and throw it at adriana when adriana entered the room. that's how we knew she was feeling better.

for those of you lost at what “floating the river” means, allow me to explain: you sit in an inner tube tethered to each other via rope or legs/arms holding on to each other’s tube with flip flops strung on a rope tied to someone’s tube. you’re also allowed to bring beer/water/drinks but you’ve gotta be reasonable about it. ya know, don’t get crayzy. there aren’t any pictures, because, well, we were in a river so i didn’t think a digital camera would so well in that environment. i was right.

how do you get on the tubes? adriana described it as becoming a beached whale. you just kinda fall onto the tube and hope you don’t end up swimming/standing in the water. let me stop there.

this was my first time to experience the river and all its fury. so naturally, i totally ate it in the water. it was horrible. thankfully our very own sacagawea/river guide, christy, was there to help.

we ended up being in a group of like 20 people. 3 or 4 of which we knew, so we somehow managed to get way ahead of them. before we got ahead of them, amanda was pulled over by the river cops because they wanted to check her ID, apparently that happens to her a lot. anyway, we’re floating, floating, floating. oh wait, here’s the “chute,” the part of the river they turned into a straight up water ride that spits you out into a whirlpool. awesome. BUT i had christy, who somehow managed to get us out of there after we kept hitting a wall, adriana ended up on her own ahead of us, and caley and lauren were miraculously out of the whirlpool. it was a little chaotic.

the river was packed. like we were constantly bumping into people, some drunk, sunburned, or on their way to being drunk and sunburned. we hit this one area christy called “shotgun cove.” you get out of your tube, pull over, and shotgun a beer. we didn’t stop.

there’s one point we were told kobe bryant was next to us. christy responded with “just because we’re white doesn’t mean we don’t know what kobe bryant looks like.” caley thought we were gonna get shot, but we weren’t. everyone shared a good awkward laugh and we paddled our way through.

then, we see a motor boat of river cops stop at this one guy. they made him get out of his tube and next thing ya know, he’s being pulled into their boat. supposedly, he had a 4 ft. bong/pipe/something on his tube with some green.

we finally get to the end where it’s complete chaos. you have to get out of your floatation device and climb up these wet steps/rocks. adriana goes first, everything looks fine, then caley, and i thought she did it with ease so i was like oh, i guess i can just get off right now. wrong. i hop off thinking i’d be able to stand. if i had waited at least 30 more seconds that would’ve been true. so i go under. end up swimming towards the exit and somehow manage to climb rocks there were lining the steps…don’t ask me how i did it.

once everyone made it back, we high-tailed it back to the hotel, showered…ish, had dinner, and hit up 6th street. pretty entertaining, but by sunday i was exhausted/a little dehydrated. drove home sunday and passed out. then i woke up monday sick.

but don’t worry, i’m bouncing back and still reading like crazy. kind of. since the last reading list i’ve managed to add these:
something blue– emily giffin
the last olympian (percy jackson, #5)– rick riordan
impulse– ellen hopkins

also, if you haven’t seen the new katy perry video, please do.

next up, le wedding. i’m so freakin excited it’s ridiculous.

until then, some game nights are in order.

“wanna be a baller”
lil’ troy


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