kids are the darndest things

why, hello there!

happy tuesday to ya.

i’m gonna hold off on the break down of my potential breakdown known as this semester until i finish attending all of my classes on thursday night.

i’m gonna discuss the ins and outs of starting the housewife trajectory known as babysitting. whatdya know i did that ALL LAST WEEK with the pint-sized punk and his swashbuckling sidekick, tiny terror.

we did absolutely nothing fun. i even offered to take them to a movie! ps punk said no but t.terror was down. however, ps punk throws the bigger tantrums…you’ll see in a little…so he was crowned the victor. instead he played this computer game all day. literally all day. worst babysitter ever? no, strategist.

t.terror demanded multiple games of pretty pretty princess. i was fine with that for the first 5 rounds, but after 20, i regretted it. she also played outside in the sandbox and when we came inside she sat on a chair, got up, pointed and started mumbling something at the chair. i looked at the chair and there was the tiniest pile of sand. she was wearing these shorts with cuffs. turns out every time she moved a little sand spilled out. everywhere. that was mah bad.

this was after the first round. she won all on her lonesome. i didn't start avoiding winning for at least 8 more rounds in an attempt to avoid starting another game.

we went to the mad potter! it’s a place where you can paint ceramics. on the way to the place, i played a song to see how they dealt with music. after 5 seconds of listening to it, ps punk started humming/singing his own little ditty and t.terror chose the scooby doo theme song from her repertoire. this is what happened after that:

me: well…you obviously don’t like my music. what songs do you know?
t.terror: uhhh, my mommy plays this one song that goes ‘money, money, money always sunny it’s a rich man’s world’

turns out my aunt’s an ABBA fan. and so am i. so i played the song and they knew most if not all of the words. i giggled through the whole song.


anywho,  t.terror picked a playful puppy and ps punk chose a mini rocket ship only after i told him he couldn’t paint the $30 rocket ship piggybank thing. he tried persuasion but i knew all the tricks. i picked a coffee mug. i would show pics, but i was busy reigning in the paint, children, and attempts at a sweeeet mug that i forgot to take them. sorry.

later all of the real fun happened. t.terror tried to tell me that ps punk willingly lets her play with his play science kits but he denied it, so she played computer games on if you’re intrigued by her television 3 year-old taste in games, you can play her faves: bubble guppies (they’re kinda cute, not gonna lie) and dora the explorer (mermaids are involved).

she picked this one because "it lets you burn your fingers." well, it DOES show smoke emanating from the fingertips...

meanwhile, ps punk had a wii meltdown. he was playing lego indiana jones and what started as frustation evolved into a full-fledged crying screaming fit. i recorded a video of it on my phone. i don’t know how to embed it on this BUT here’s a link. this video has had mixed reactions. some laughed and some have added this to their reasons to have children list as a con.

WARNING: if you decide to watch it, make sure your volume is turned down a little. not joking.

i dragged david with me to the children’s museum. that place has changed sooo muuuch since i was last there…which was like 6 years ago but that’s not the point. they now have 3 levels of museum-ness. AND they moved one of my favorite exhibits to the back! dont worry, i took some pics!

faaaavorite exhibit. i don't really know why. i really don't. it's yalalag, mexico. that's a real city. now that i think about it, i think i like it because it looks like there have been preparations for a party/celebration of some sort. that's definitely it. if you look closely you can kinda see david trying to corale ps punk. we were trying to leave.

there's a tiny face-painting station. she requested hearts and whiskers in those colors.

for the record, i found them building this. i was painting a face at the time. they built a little roof and everything. apparently kid cages are all the rage.

my aunt threw me a bone and only had me entertain t.terror. ps punk was off at some gymnastics place, so was like sweeeeet, this should be easy. wroooong on so many levels. that was probably the hardest day. not only did she throw a tantrum, she also managed to make it last 35-45 minutes. what did i do to get the label of mean? told her it was nap time. homegirl lost it. she only calmed down so she could talk to my aunt. we ended up watching movies the rest of the day. i didn’t take a video because her screams were piercing. ya welcome. kids are great.

my mom was off so she helped me with t.terror. we travelled to UH to buy my books and ended up at the mall on tax free weekend. “umm…what.” was my reaction when my mom told me what she wanted to do. she even let t.terror pick out her own outfit that wound up being purchased.

hello kitty errthang.

after that we played board games and put some puzzles together. THEN, i was freed!

this is from the game, chutes and ladders. she said they had really pointy teeth and that made them vampires. sorry for the glare...

my first action as a freed individual was attending a texans game with my dad and uncles because david didn’t wanna go. the ride back was a little crazy. 3 grown men–like in their late 40s-mid 50s–in the back seat of a truck demanding music after spending a couple hours drinking burrr. so i press a preset station and next thing i know they’re singing along to “this is how we do it.” one had his eyes closed while kinda bobbing along/dancing to the beat. hilarious.

next up: back to school biznass.

good luck to those starting up again!
even if you’re not, good luck.
best of luck all around.

“this is how we do it”
montell jordan (not to be confused with montel williams)


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