i’m like a pseudo-adult…i’m a student.

it’s been a while since i’ve written one of these suckers. sorry!

to make it up to yuhz, i’ll include a family transcript. background: my grandma went to a computer class aimed at older folks.

grandma: i just want to learn how to turn it on and off. and how to work that damn little rat.
dad/me: –laughing…a lot–
grandma: what!?! what’s so funny? i do!
me: grandma…it’s a mouse.
grandma: –chuckle chuckle chuckle– damn. i can’t even get that right! i think i’m gonna quit.

so yeah, she’s had enough of the computer.

and let’s seeeee…what else has there been. oh! ok.

back at the beginning of the month i met up with my cousin on his birthday. he turned 24. he was with a really old friend of his. like, they’ve known each other for a long time, not physically old…yeah. so they were talking about their high school shenanigans and how they always got away with cheating. they even shared some tips. not that they would actually help me at this point, but they were just lending some advice…and not that i would use them…just sayin.

they asked if i ever cheated and were bloooown away when i said not that i can remember. it was a little awkward. then the old friendster asked if i’d done ANYTHING bad. i had to disappoint him. then he told me to live a little because i’m still a student. this meant to start smoking and get shwasty faced 24/7. and i was like uhhh, i don’t think smoking is my thing; it never appealed to me. and second, i was in austin for 4 years, 2 of which were spent on a little one-way street named after a number uhkthanks.

speaking of which! my dad was like so alyssa, if you feel like you need to get away to austin, just go. and i was like ummm ok! so i don’t know when i’ll be able to go, but i’m hoping/thinking soon?

and now i present the nerd alert of the post: schoolings (school + things = schoolings in alyssa lingo)

for starters, my undergrad-grad class is showin me all sorts of cool things. por ejemplo, we watched this japanese clock for a good 3 minutes. sounds preposterous, right? wrong. it’s sooo coool. check it hrr.

you have to wait for it to fully load to understand why i may kinda be obsessed with it. of course, it’s on japanese time, but pff whatevs. i don’t care. every time i’ve visited the site i feel like i should be enjoying a cocktail mad men style in some swanky office or hip uptown loft.

another stinkin awesome site is hellogiggles! it’s kinda girly…so sorry if you’ve got testosterone, but you can still check it!…? zooey deschanel and 2 of her crew run the site. it’s pretty sweet.

fall tv is startiiing, too! (i thought of zooey deschanel that led to me thinking of tv…that’s how we got here) i’m pretty pumped for some faves to return and distract me. HOWEVAAA, i’ve been ahead at least a week for 2 weeks now. 2012! ha, just kidding, kinda.

faaaall. i can’t wait for it to get cooler. and then watch themed television programming. i love stupid stuff like that. i can’t help it. maybe the change in weather will help with all of the fires. they’re kinda crazy. so if you caaan, you can click here to donate. if you don’t, i won’t judge you. pinky swearz.

on to a happier note. last post i talked about seeing the glee movie with michael and how ridiculous it became. well, he beat me to the punch and blogged about it. so i’m gonna link it but i have to explain one thing before i do.

homeboy is crazy. he mentions driving and almost killing us 3 times. true story. he failed to mention how during the 2nd attempt to off us i literally screamed out of sheer terror. it was like a real life driving stunt scene. no joke. after that i couldn’t look up because i thought we were gonna die. i played with my phone and started texting a will.

i thought about this car joyride and 1 thing constantly came to mind. men in black. in this situation, michael is tommy lee jones, and i’m will smith.

except michael didn’t give any form of warning. ridiculous.

so yeah, here’s the link to his post! he’s kinda funny, so you may enjoy it, check it out, yo.

and now, i’m about to go to some 5 year reunion shindig. i feel so old. hopefully it won’t be too awkward. wooo class of ’06! blaaah.
haha happy weekending! be safe.
(sorry if this seemed all over the place…)

selah sue


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