fall back or fall forward. either way i’m down.

get iiittt? i’m referencing my complete lack of grace. oh haaay, how ya doooin.

last post i ended with the antici…













(haaa, cyclops smiley face .) lady cyclops *) no? k. sorry)

…pation of attending a 5 year reunion.

yes. 5 year reunion. most people i’ve talked to think it’s weird because their schools do the traditional 10 year. woo, pius!

the first night was a head of school reception thing. the school gave us booze and a tour of the campus. a grand total of like 10-15 ’06ers attended. (out of like 160…ish?) the campus has significantly changed in appearance, but not in smell. is that weird? forget i mentioned it.

half of the attendees. haha, no really.

and for some reason i was super nervous? i don’t really know why. there was no reason to be nervous, like, at all. but i was.

anywho, the second night had a bigger turn out. i think it was partly due to the fact that it was a bar (sawyer park) and everyone was kinda ishly tied to someone who was on student council, so it was like attending for your friend. however! it was nice hangin out with friends that i haven’t seen/talked to in a while. oh! which brings me to the joke that got old real fast.
kinda went like this:

person 1: hey, _____ ! how are you!?!
person 2: i’m good! how are you!?! i haven’t seen you in a while! what has been? like, 5 years?

has it been 5 years!?! i had no idea…

for some reason i couldn’t take it. and it’s pretty bad if i, of all people, can’t stand a joke. like, frreal. i love stupid/cheesy/corny jokes. LOVE. friends refuse to listen to my jokes. jeff even asked if i could come up with awesomely bad jokes for…something i can’t remember at the moment…BUT they were pretty amazing. but that one just annoyed me.

so yeah, it was actually a lot of fun.
does that warrant a nerd alert?
go ahead.
sound the alarm.
honey badger don’t care.

i don't know why this looks a little whacky. i think it had something to do with the flash...and that it was taken upside down.

panther-toppers! minus caley, she was in chicago.

alsooo, it’s officially FALL. i’m so excited, you really have no idea. unless you follow me on twitter, then you know i was super pumped about the first day. and to celebrate and embrace the fallness i’ve got a top 5 reasons why i love it so much:

  1. there’s a small chance that days won’t reach mid-high 90s every day.
  2. i can wear cardigans/sweaters without being called a hipster.
  3. umm, by halloween all the malls are ready for christmas.
  4. thanksgiving break. because by that time of the semester i’m ready for some form of non-school hobbies.
  5. themed television programming. and you know abcfamily will fill their lineup with every harry potter movie because it’s got that “thanksgiving’y” feel, they’re at a school for witches and wizards (hello, halloweeen), and those like 2 or 3 christmas scenes plus the snow. basically harry potter & co are versatile family fun all fall long.

ya welcome.

to christen the first day of fall i went to the museum of fine arts with my cousin, trent (the one that drew bananner foots). he’s in an art history class so he’s gotta go to the museum a few times throughout the semester. problem for him but not for me! so yeah, the museum is huge. i don’t remember it being 2 buildings but it totes is. they’re connected by an underground tunnel that also serves as an installation of james turrell’s the light inside.

i wanted to take a video/pictures of the runway but there were art guards(?) and i didn’t want to get yelled at. not that i didn’t get yelled at. because i did. apparently there’s a 4 inch rule. as in you have to stay 4 inches away from whatever you’re looking at, at all times. whatever. i wasn’t even that close. i just really wanted to see the details/help trent dissect the art of critiquing. gah.

anyway i found a vid online.
here’s the tunnel:

it also turns purple and blue.

probably the most disorienting walk with my glasses on i’ve ever taken. i felt like i was gonna fall the first time going through. and as you can see you walk around a wall of light and follow a black project runway‘esque walkway. it was weird. but by the second time going back i was basically a pro at walking in a straight line.

it was pretty cool. i would recommend visiting. AND, if you’re a student/can get away with still using your student ID, it’s $3.50. if there for an assignment…or “assignment,” it’s free. but you have to show them what your assignment is. so flash some papers around.

and now, i await an exam, research outline, some research related assignments, AND a trip to austin! i’m super pumped about that last one. october is gonna be freakin sweet.

enjoy the last weekend of september and the first weekend of fall!
(i told you, i really like the fall)

“the girl i love (feat. sheryl crow)”
tony bennett
(i kinda love his duets II album and i chose this particular song at random. all thanks to mel and lisa…because i was a tweet-creep. BUT they said it was ok! so i’m not that much of a weirdo…stop judging me)


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