i mustache you if you like to dance

umm…sooo, i’m pretty sure my friends are the coolest people ever. EV. ER.

i found my way to austin this weekend and most of my friends did, too. well, those that don’t already live there…obviously. and it was a.ma.zing. frreal. it was like picking up from where we left off and i cannot convey how much fun i had. i really can’t. we laughed and laughed and laughed some more. like, i can’t even hone in on one event that stood out from the rest because…i just can’t.

we decided to have one last austin hurrah before our friend, corbin, ships off to zee army in november. we had to plan this early because the fancy shmancy friends, caley & lauren, are moving to chicago mid-this month.

i may have photoshopped this pic because i couldn't find a recent picture of all of them in it. (corbin, caley, and lauren) yeah, they're pretty cool, not gonna lie.

we kinda meandered downtown for 2 nights with the phrase ‘go big or go home’ in mind. we definitely lived up to it. a few took advantage of both nights while others picked the 2nd night to go for the gold.

aaah, which reminds meee: our friend, kat, a light dj, in the sense that she designs lighting for bands in austin at the parish, designed a crazy awesome light extravaganza at this dance club called kingdom. it was seriously insane. proud parent feeling.

compliments of the parish

fun story time!
on the second night, we had to take 2 cabs downtown, and our cab driver was definitely ready for car parties. he had the radio on and it was playing some j.lo song and adriana mentioned something about liking it, so he turned it up.

then adriana and kim started dancing a little, the cab driver noticed, said something like ‘oh, you like to dance?’ and turned it up to 11.

he then proceeded to turn on these tiny blue LED lights attached to his elongated rearview mirror (that allowed him to see everyone in the backseat, kinda) that started to strobe…ish…and then we were like uhhh…k. next thing we know, homeboy pulls out a flashlight–FLASHLIGHT–and begins to turn it on/off to create a strobe light then starts twirling it around in a figure 8.

at this point adriana is straight up dancing, kim is laughing and dancin around a little, and i’m sending bewildered tweets about what was happening onto the interwebs.

it was ridic.

side note that turns into awesomeness: when i was packing for the trip i scanned my room one more time before heading out and found this ziploc full of faux mustaches. so i took them with me. best split decision ever. these were taken post-2nd-night-downtown…

amanda likes the zoom feature. way too much.

caley & a man, duh. i'm telling you best. decision. ever.

for the record, no one drank any of it. it was there but remained untouched. anywho, adriana said that this was definitely what her character would do...no one agreed on character building. i thought we just being ourselves...but with a mustache.

amazing. i know.

and before that amanda and i raced down the hotel hallway. that was pretty sweet, too. i took a picture to show how long this hall is. it was taken from the the elevator area…

we were literally at the very end of the hall. while we were running amanda said our feet were on fire because of the carpet design. she was also attempting to hold/eat a slice of pizza.

no one was on crack. we were just excited to be there.

on the final day, we had lunch, discussed future reunions, and said our goodbyes. it was super sad.
the lady gang & gents will be missed.

next group reunion: decembrr. hopefully the "brr" part will be true

i miss em already. wah wah waaah.

now, it’s wedding festivities and more homework. october is going to be fan-fricken-tastic. seriously, i’m super pumped about it!

“total eclipse of the heart”
bonnie tyler


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