party cabin 2011

oh. lawd.

i don’t even know where to begin.

after battling a crazy…illness? that sounds intense…but it wasn’t, it was more annoying than anything. i was repeatedly told to get better by a few individuals on account of this shmancy wedding coming up. so let’s just kick it off with that shall we?


basically the wedding was like gathering a lot of hilarious cubans who like to dance and drink and shoving them into a lodging area.

the ride up to new braunfels should’ve been the warning. correction. picking up the triplets should’ve been the warning. triplets = adame twins (nicolas & alexander) + their friend who’s always at their house (garrett-i dubbed him the triplet. because he is. he kinda looks like nicolas. like, before i met him, i thought it was nicolas in a picture. turns out it wasn’t. it was him and it was weird)

somehow jeff ended up driving the triplets and myself–after the twins were hellbent on me driving even though i think i told them like 10 times each that i wasn’t driving. literally told them 20 times collectively because they refused to listen/believe me. i digress.

after THIS happened (l-r: garrett-red shirt, nicolas-green striped shirt, alexander- blue shirt), eating a lot of candy, asking to see my phone, then returning the phone with candy grossness all over it, it was smooth sailing.

turns out all you really need to do is play kid cudi. straight up lullaby for them.

so we get there, it’s friday. there’s the rehearsal, jeff and garrett are assigned to the u-s-h-e-r role (stuck in my head after that¬†skip to 2:07) and later on i’m assigned to hand out programs.

after that everyone ends up doing their own thing, but we made a nice little unit with the 6 of us. michael was off helping their mom with stuff at her house. eventually we end up at gruene hall. like some weirdly hilarious twist of fate, this guy,¬†raul malo, is performing. oh, who’s that? a cuban country singer. i can’t make this stuff up, people. i just can’t do it.

everyone was avoiding the dance floor like the plague except for their mom, grandma, various friends of the bride, and adriana. too bad i was suckered into dancing with their mom on my way back from getting water. she saw jeff and me, grabbed our hands and didn’t let go. we each had our separate dances with her during which she told jeff to channel his inner bullfighter and told me to be like a stripper. to which i responded with, “uhhhhhh, what. i don’t know about that…” and a blank stare.


headed back after the concert and ended up down by the river in the darkness with a few adult beverages trying to figure out where the north star was. (we stayed at hideout on the horseshoe.) someone could’ve literally fallen/been pushed into the river.

their mom purposefully put us in the area farthest from the family members. party cabin 2011!

anyway, adriana, jeff, and i decide to go back to our cabin because the wedding was the next/same day. we get back, kinda get settled in then BAM. in come the boys and 2 other relatives. everyone was practically in the same room, lights & tv stayed on, they continued to party, jeff forced himself to sleep, and i kinda woke up every now and then to hear ridiculous conversation. we took a video: here it is. classy times were not upon us.

day of wedding, jeff and i met up with nicole and graci to attend the gypsy picnic in austin!

yaaay, trailer food!

it was a wee hot and there were baby dust storms everywhere, BUT it was kinda cool.

luckily, we all made it back just in time to get dressed.

nicole and i walked into the cabin and found jeff and garrett slightly frazzled/getting ready because as it turned out, they were supposed to be in every formal wedding picture taken by the photographer.

friends for life.
so i suggest getting into any/every photo taken during family photo time to ensure your position as friend. or else it’ll be like oh, who’s that kid? oh ya know, just a friend that i don’t talk to/hate now. awkward.

we think it’s because the wedding planner thought they were somehow related. and apparently the wedding planner was scary. she seemed nice to me? she was just very determined.

here’s what happened next: hand out programs, wedding, wedding, wedding, peace out and head to reception.


reception: wait for the bridal party arrival, go to open bar, get ID’d, go to cabin to get ID, go back to bar, befriend bartenders, dance, dance, drink, run away from dancing, pulled back to dance, drink, forced to dance, drink, take pictures, forget about double flash, nicole loses ID, cabin trip, nicole finds ID, dance, wobble, dance, drink, cupid shuffle, drink, dance, cha cha slide, dance, run away again, get caught by nicolas, forced back onto dance floor, part with flip flops, drink, drink, conga line, dance, wobble.

adame boys + garrett OR triplets + michael. take your pick. either way, they're crazy.

just hangin out with the bride. i just noticed how nicole, jeff, and i kinda had the same color palette sitchee-ayshun goin on. nice.

experience in a nutshell.

(UPDATE 10/29: michael posted pics on facebook, so i snagged a pic of our party cabin. thanks michael!)

what’s this wobble business? well, the wobble is a song, you see. and there’s a dance for it…i didn’t know what it was but all of the adame’s + triplet knew. adriana’s been wanting to “wobble” since june/amanda’s wedding.

i found a video that demonstrates it…but i just want you to know, what we/i was doing was a super super super simplified version of this. jus so ya know.

i don’t know if i’m coordinated enough to fully commit to those steps.

so yeah, that’s that.

needless to say, a few folks woke up sore…and someone (michael) was super grumpy. but it was hilarious, so it’s ok.

overall, it was pretty awesome and everyone learned a few things hrr n drr.
good stuff.

now i’m gonna go watch it’s the great pumpkin, charlie brown. woo!

ps- be safe out there this weekend. who knows what sort of witchy things are out there gourds & ghouls (get it…guys & girls…haaa)

“wobble baby”
(i kinda had to)


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