it’s basically already the most wonderful time of the year

heyooo, what uuup.

exciting times ahead! ooh mah starry starry skies, i am SO pumped for the rest of this year (not SEMESTER). but before sprinting ahead, let’s run backwards a few feet shall we. (ps–i totes sprained my ankle running backwards. in 4th grade. on my birthday. factual statement. questions, comments, or concerns should be left as a comment.)

this past weekend was spent in sayhn ayhn-toe-knee-oh (san antonio). that was an attempt at a twang. pretty sure it failed horribly. whatevs.

i ended up spending a little over 6 hours in a car with jeff driving to and fro. we visited adriana at her school. had a tour, met some teacherz, shared a few laughs, ya know, the ujsh (the┬ápronunciation of the first 2 letters in ‘usual’)

speaking of. has anyone ever had a puffy taco? i only know of the puffy taco because last time i was in san antonio with my family, we went to a san antonio missions game. their mascots are the puffy taco and ballepeno (like jalapeno). adriana made fun of me because i knew that. i can’t help that i know useless information. i just can’t.

so we had puffy tacos at this place called henry’s puffy tacos. they were pretty good.

story time:
after paying my part, i went to the bathroom, walked back to the table, and adriana and jeff were missing. so i was like oooh, reeeaaal funny guys, ha ha haaa, way to ditch me. so i walk outside and see jeff standing with his phone out. this is what happened next…

me: where’s my purse? (because i have an adult purse now)
jeff: with adriana.
–i quickly scan the area–
me: where’s adriana?
–clang, clang, giggle–

i look towards the noise and there’s adriana. like this:

you've gotta be kidding me. straight out of a movie/tv show.

reaction: seriously?
reaction after they said they would hold my purse ransom until i took a picture: SERIOUSLY!?!
they were serious.

you still gotta be kidding me. i wasn't as excited as adriana. or jeff for that matter.

jeff had taken his before i found them:

those 2 don't joke around. they commit.

these reminded me of those awesomely horrible portraits where it’s just a fuzzy floating head+shoulders with a black background in addition to another portrait in the corner.

kind of exactly like this:

do you kinda see what i mean?

i know double exposures are cool and all, but sometimes it’s best not to…

we also said a final g’bye to corbin. his mom through him a going party and we managed to sneak in…

doesn't matter what the occasion is, i clearly don't care.

after that, we went to new braunfels to visit her mom.
it was a fun weekend.

sooo, my mom has taken the wish list to a new level. she wanted pictures associated to listed items. so i did it. AND i included prices just because i take christmas seriously. here’s what happened after she saw it (i emailed it to her while she was at work)

mom: i got your list. i think it was missing some [items or pages]. it was just books.
me: …what if i just want books…

talk about ruuuude.
haha just kidding.
i think she was expecting flashy things she’s never heard of unless they’re on the today show as a dangerous trend or something that’s so ridiculous it is a trend. and i know it sounds like my list is super long, but it’s literally less than 10 items.

and for the record, i had more than just books, i mean…there are more books than anything else, but there are some dvd-like things on it, too…and some fancy gadget that i’m thinking would be awesoooome. but whaterr.

look what it can do!


YESTERDAY (11/11) i went to the most anticipated shnazzy flea market of the year.
that’s right, the nutcracker market.

i volunteered working the entrance with my mom–like we did last year–and i saw 2 jr high teachers (science & computer for those who may know who i’m talkin about), one of david’s friends with her 2 sisters (from afar), some gals i went to elementary/jr high with, and last but not least: my grandma, 2 aunts, and uncle who was the designated driver (because my grandma…is my grandma. and my aunts would be drunk by the end of the experience. done and DONE.)

we ran into my grandma first…and i realize how i called attention to her was a little rude/strange.

i saw her walking in the opposite direction, so i naturally stopped walking, pointed at her and said ‘stop that woman.’ um. she looked at me in confusion before recognition set in.

she laughed and said my name like i’d done something wrong. (uh-LIH-suuUUUH. i like spelling things phonetically). we chatted for a few minutes and informed us of the gang wandering around.

from that point on i was on the hunt.

so later on, my mom and i are in this jewelry booth that she likes to visit every year and i had paid for some earrings when i look into the main aisle and i see aunt #1. that was enough for me.

here’s where it went wrong:
i decided it would be hilarious if i accused aunt #2 of stealing something by approaching them from behind.

now, i see how that could’ve gone wrong.

me: excuse me ma’am, but someone said they saw you steal from our booth.
–aunt #2 looks at me like she’s about to punch me before she recognized me–

aunt #1 was louder.
being in main aisle didn’t help.
it was about a 3 second scream which felt like forever. they were drunk. and were currently drinking bloody marys. my uncle had turned his back to us and walked back a few feet because he said he saw ladies looking at him thinking he had done something to deserve the screams. then he kindly scolded me for my attack.

mah bad.

speaking of bad…
later today i’ll be a production assistant for the bad girls club casting call with christine!

did anyone know they’re on season 9?
because i had no idea.
anyway, i’m excited…but also nervous that they’re gonna try and beat me up. or they’ll think i have some sort importance to the show and be super nice to me. doubt it. but it’s an option.

i’ll let you know how that goes.

also, did you know it’s like 12 days until thanksgiving!?! ridiculous. and like 4 weeks of school related activities left!?!

i’m ready for the break. and time for crafting. and then christmas break. and more time for crafting. and lack of work. and crafting. until next semester. blah.


happy weekending!

“the pleasure of your company”
my favorite highway


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