jinx you owe me $5,000

true story: i told jeff that.
his response was a you-gotta-be-kidding-me + have-you-lost-ya-mind glare.

when adriana and i were roommates it was: jinx you owe my half rent.
i think she owes me at least 2 months.

anywho, time for the bad girls club update.

side note: again, when i lived with adriana, we watched one season…i don’t remember which one it was (season 4. just looked it up) but the intro song was ridiculous. ridiculous, i say! i don’t know how i feel about it.

you tell me.


anyway, for some reason during/after we watched it, if either of us did something remotely “bad” slash wasn’t bad but more of a rebel nerd act (i.e. skipping class), we would say “BAD GIRL” like the intro…yeah. we’re pretty cool. i don’t know why i thought that was a good idea to share…oh well. i thought it was funny?

so casting calls were held at this place i’ve never heard of– the deck house bar & grill.

i was pleasantly surprised at how laid back it was. and by the end of the day there were like 150 “bad girls” to make it out there with only one discernable drunk lady.

she forgot to bring a copy of her ID so she was trying to give me her actual ID to attach to her application. i told her that was a really bad idea and she refused to listen because she wanted to be on the show soooo bad (pun?).

her logic: she wouldn’t need it. she was already drunk, duh.

so at some point i had to gently snatch it from her and give it to her mom to hold. her dad was there, too. he didn’t have much to say. at least she has their support…right?

i definitely met some interesting characters. most of them weren’t affiliated with the show, they were patrons of the place. one guy was asking me for info about the show and i honestly didn’t know but he thought i was lying, so he grabbed a stapler and drunkenly pretended he would staple my arm. he settled for stapling the table.

i was like 5 seconds away from calling for the hired security dude. christine and i made friends with him and he snuck us each a drink, a long beach? ever heard of it? i called it the long island’s sister.

yep. i took a pic of it. sue me. the background is filled with the applications they had to fill out and the pens we never/rarely got back. wuh oh...

found a recipe for it here.

speaking of drinking…haha, i don’t drink that often, i pinky promise!
there’s this site i think i found on tumblr called drinkify!

you enter the musician/singer/artist you’re listening to and it suggests a drink you partake in while enjoyin those tunes. it’s pretty cool.

need an example? alright, you’ve twisted my arm.

jtimberlake goes hard. now, you can, too!

nothin like a drink that gets ya drunk while you’re fighting a cough! get started here.

more of a cold drink. cold…drink. get it…haaa, cold drink…because you’re sick but you want other forms of alcohol…no? k, i’m done.

that reminds me of an upcoming wisdom teeth extraction. blaaah. cold drinks (hahahaha) reminded me of this because after the procedure/surgery (!?!) i’ll be limited to having cold liquids for 12 hours.  turns out all 4 gotta go. so that should be loads of fun.

anyone with tips for surviving the recovery time, holla.

this will be happening next month. actually less than a month away. but whatevs.

apparently i won’t be awake for it…so that’s…that. and i can’t wear nail polish on my right index finger…something about monitoring oxygen? i don’t know.

i’m thinking about blogging after it just to see what happens. but i don’t know. i’ll probably pass out. if blogging doesn’t fare well, there’s always tweeting! maybe. if i remember/can see past the ice bags that’ll be attached to my face.

maybe i’ll just watch funny videos on youtube. or you could leave me a video on facebook. or twitter. or tumblr. or anything really.

i’ll watch it! assuming it’s rated G, PG, PG-13, or R. NC-17? don’t get crazy.

side note: jack valenti created the rating system. aka dude who’s associated with the comm (communication. not communist.) school at UH (not that there’s a communist program…that i know of?). the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication to be exact.

back to where i was going with the videos: marcel the shell is back!

if you don’t know what i’m talking about, YOU MUST WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY. EEE-MEDIATELY.
here’s the first one:


and here’s the second one! it was released today i believe…i may be wrong. whaterr.


sooo awesome. try and deny it, i dare you. i love that shell, i really do.

and thanksgiving is next week! sunday is thanksgiving on my mom’s side. my grandma decided to have it the sunday before since everyone would be coming and going at different times on the actual thanksgiving day. so sunday it is! my mom decided she wanted to make an apple pie to take. and by “she wanted to make” i mean “wants me to make,” which i’m fine with so it’s all gravy… (i hahahaaad to.)

hang tight errybody, a short break is almost here!

happy early hump day!

eliza doolittle


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