why aren’t there more popular thanksgiving songs?

it’s hard to believe that the day that’s practically a giant thank you note stuffed inside a chicken…stuffed inside a duck…stuffed inside a turkey that tends to leave everyone full…of love…wrapped in history of genocide doesn’t have a single memorable song.

unless you know one.
if you do, please share.

in the meantime, here are some things i strongly recommend participating in tomorrow (11/24…or any future thanksgiving for that matter):

macy’s thanksgiving day parade. watch it. it’s the 85th one. it starts at 9 in the am (central time). why is it wrong to watch a parade? exactly. nothing is wrong with it.

– play games and/or watch a movie with the fam. you’re already under one roof with them. might as well make the best of it. am i right? be a good sport about it.

my mom’s side celebrated thanksgiving this past sunday (11/20) because my grandma didn’t like how everyone was coming and going at different times on the actual turkey day, so she moved it. and guess what happened. pretty pretty princess made its debut.

yep, the pint-sized punk won a round. no, no one asked him to pose that way. he was just getting into character...

i won a round, too. no one asked me to pose this way either. i just thought glamour shots would be a good way to show off the plastic bling.

side note: this is what occurred during the rounds between the cousins, p-s punk, t.terror, angelica (who has nicknames such as jelly and angelicaca), and me…

me: an-hell-ee-caaa, ees yurr turrn.
t.terror: you speak spanish!?! are you in spanish class like me?

i add an accent and i suddenly speak spanish. stinkin t.terror. sometimes she’s cute when she’s not being t.terror. it’s super rare.

even my grandma played/won. this round was played with her, my mom, aunt/mom to the pint-sized punk and tiny terror, and myself.

– listen to at least ONE christmas song either before or after the bird consumption because it won’t negatively affect you. unless you think instant happiness is crippling. in which case i dub thee the grinch.

oh, yeah. i went there.

also, anyone else notice that christmas music has been playing on the radio since sunday? i’m not complaining…just confused. blissfully, blissfully confused.

– appreciation initiation. i’m talking about¬†taking some time to really think about the super awesome things hip-happenin in your life right now. dwelling on the negative will only take you a bajillion steps back and you’ll feel miserable about it. so don’t do it.¬†also, just thinking about positive things makes you happier. like right now, i’m thinking about babies and/with puppies. who hates babies and puppies? honestly.

check it.

hipster baby!?! are you kidding me!?! get outta hrr. i like your bow tie, pet bird, suspenders, and your baby-bein self.

look it's boo! stupid teddybear lookin dog. i want you!

now to combine babies+puppies.

there are no words.

oh. man. i can’t handle it.

i’m sorry i took that to the visual level.
no, i’m not. i’m not sorry for any of that.

last but certainly not least:
– get sleep now. because black friday deals? they be happenin. some start at midnight. i’m not sure where they’re opening at midnight, but my mom has been looking up stuff and clicking on/opening questionable links in emails, so she’s got some sort of grand plan.

ps- totally saved the family computer from a virus. my mom checking her email is a true test of the fire wall. frreal.

so go on, go forth and carpe the hell out of this diem.

happy thanksgiving!

“good day”
nappy roots
(compliments of robby, for he introduced me to this song…haha thanks, robby!)


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