oooh, NOW it’s socially acceptable

it’s called christmastime.

there’s no cover charge.
it’s byob, because i can’t have younginz gettin crunk up in hrrr.
everything is colorful and shiny.
christmas lights are the only lights accepted unless…no, there’s no unless.
christmas music is jammin.
everybody loves it.
oh! and there’s a game of white elephant hip-happenin ’round the massive christmas tree and roaring fire.

welcome to the party in my brain.

needless to say, i’m freakin pumped about this month.

i’ve also decided to try this little experiment of bringing and spreading cheer. ya know, other than singing loud for all to hear
(elf reference? CHEEECK. what’s that? you wanna read a short dialogue from the movie!?! oh, i don’t know if i ca–

–hey! there’s no singing in the north pole!
–no, there’s not!
–no, there’s not!

i don’t know if i can love this movie anymore than i already do)

this is how i feel right now.

umm…oh! back to my experiment after that awesome detour.

so i proposed this thing on tumblr you see. and i was like hey, what if i do an act of kindness per day leading up to christmas but, like, on steroids. so 1 act today, 2 tomorrow, 3 the next, and on and on and on. but as i was reflecting upon this idea in class, because our guest professor was discussing incontinence (seriously. that’s not a joke) i thought that i was basically challenging myself to be a decent person.

not saying that it’s impossible or anything…or that i’m a horrible person by nature, but why would i count “nice” things as being the special of the day. instead, it should be trying to be nice errday. know’m sayin?

AND i wouldn’t even know what would count as a good deed.
holding a door open for the stranger walking behind you as you enter into a building? that should just be common courtesy, yo.

i may or may not be over-thinking this.

anyway, let me know what y’all think. maybe i’m just crazy. don’t comment on that…

ALSO, last year i did a 12 weeks of christmas that began in october. this year i’m thinking of just posting something christmas related on my tumblr account everyday instead of blogging on hrr every day. here’s my tumblr if you wanna keep up. let’s face it, you kinda sorta want to. i’ll post them to twitter, too.

so yeah, i went to my last class of the semester.

what’s left? 3 papers. all due next week.
have i started? ish. i’ve ishly started.
i’m not too worried about it…for now.

anywho, i was just excited to be in december: the month, the mindset, the christmas.

be careful in the malls/shops, there be some shady folks out there.

happy studies/writing/sleeping/drinking/working/[insert verb]ing!

“it’s the most wonderful time of the year”
andy williams

2 Responses to “oooh, NOW it’s socially acceptable”
  1. Michael Adame says:

    You is for sure crazy. Perhaps some bangs are in order?

    Also, Imma hold you to being nice for the month of December…cuz I don’t think it’s happenin….just saying.

    Also, I’m more flexible than you.

    Also, You should’ve just sang the song from Elf when Buddy first gets to New york and there is some mumbling.

    • youseemnice says:

      1. i’m not getting bangs. YOU should get bangs!
      2. I CAN BE NICE, rude.
      3. you wish.
      4a. do you mean the song ‘pennies from heaven’ by louis prima? cause that’s my jam, too. i know all the words.
      4b. i don’t know what you’re talking about with the “mumbling.” like when he scats in the song? shoo-bie doo-bie! now i have that song stuck in my head.

      and every time it rains, it rains
      pennies from heaven
      don’t you know each cloud contains
      pennies from heaven
      you’ll find your fortune fallin
      all over town
      make sure your umbrella
      is up-up-up-up-upside down
      and trade you for a package of
      sunshine and ravioli

      oooh, now i remember the mumbling…it goes here. mah bad.

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