the dark circles under my eyes? that’s just old makeup…at least that’s what i’m pretending it is

dear itty bitty baby jesus,
thank you.

i was officially done with this semester’s hot mess like 11 minutes ago (at 11:20pm). and now all i want to do is sleep, craft, sleep, watch christmas everything, sleep, listen to christmas music, craft, and sleep.

umm so yeah, let’s talk about how i sounded like a crazy person to like 2 of 3 teachers, ok?

so all of my final papers had to be submitted electronically through whatever preferred site by the teacher and through email. not a big deal, right? should NOT have been a big deal at all.

too i bad i had to go and be sleep deprived.

mistake #1: i addressed an email to a teacher using his twitter handle.
it was one of those things where you think about humorously doing something AND IT NEVER LEAVES YOUR BRAIN.

well, this one made a run for it and it sailed away through digital waves off the coast of gmail. i remember waking up after my 3 hour nap (because sleep is…what’s sleep?) and recalling this act. i was like ‘whew, thank da lawd i didn’t do that. let me check to make sure i sent it and not save it as a draft/secretly hope i didn’t use a twitter handle in place of a teacher’s NAME’

needless to say, i was super embarrassed. but what can you do? ‘oh, sorry dr.—-, i was really tired because i procrastinated so long on your assignment that was given at the beginning of the semester. i wasn’t thinking straight, mah bad. @mention me sometime’


over it.

mistake #2: i was formatting my SECOND paper with like 5 minutes left before the deadline and i couldn’t figure out how to format pictures in word. so the deadline rolled right on by and i was like ‘EEEFFFFFFFF’ so i emailed my teacher with whatever i had and she was like “take your time, get it to me when you can” so i did. and i was super happy. but still delirious. so i proceed to tell her that i really enjoyed her class–because i did–and that “i enjoyed writing the paper up until 45 minutes ago” why would i do that? i mean, it was true, but still!

over it.

mistake #3: this was like 30 minutes ago (11:2? pm) while i was still writing my paper…and jury’s still out on this one…i ended up making a pirate reference and incorporated “coveted treasure” for the last two words in a paragraph.

oh, you didn’t know peer workplace relationships and pirates experience identical things? they’re basically synonymous.
get outta town!

over it.

i honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me.

now i’m gonna go put my sheets on my bed, sleep, wake up, do whatever i want, and wait for monday because my wisdom teeth are being born.
i’m having a t-section.

to round up this ridiculous rant i’ll let you in on what you’ve been missing out on tumblr. and don’t worry, all the links open up in a new window. because i’m fancy like that.

day of christmas = DOC

2nd DOC

3rd DOC

4th DOC

5th DOC

6th DOC

7th DOC

8th DOC

9th DOC

10th DOC

and now onto the 11th Day of Christmas!

this is super impressive and i wish i was there to witness it with my own eyez n errrz.


and a parting image to start your sunday.

this sums up how i felt throughout this entire week.

whoa. i just realized that was my last fall semester ever.

meh. i don’t think i’ll miss this.

“christmas waltz”
the carpenters


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