wisdom woes and ho ho ho’s

hi friends!

can i just say that it’s been the longest/shortest 2 weeks ever?
like, frreal.

for starters, the day after i posted about feeling like a drunk frankenstein, my bottom left open socket/empty tooth grave decided to go get infected. INFECTED, i say. it wasn’t/isn’t dry socket, just some super annoying and painful infection.

like i could feel my jaw throbbing after taking painkillers kinda infection.

needless to say, the painkillers came in handy and i had to make an emergency trip back to the mouth surgeon…doctor…person. he cleaned it out and i was sent on my way with another prescription.

from that point on the left side of my jaw has been playing catch-up in the healing department…like when you got sick in elementary school and missed a few days of class kind of catch-up. except there wasn’t a cute little basket with all of the assignments waiting for you, just more anti-biotics.

here's my darling 9 year-old cousin, karsyn, doing an impersonation/mocking me while my grandma had her back turned. funny story: the left side of my face looked like it was smuggling either a) 2 small lemons or b) an orange. the right side was still a little swollen but it wasn't smuggling citrus like the former. and i think she was going for my mirrored appearance because that's def her right side.

loads o’fun this holiday season.

so yeah, after getting that taken care of and starting the real healing process, it was already time for christmas!

i ended up baking cookies for my grandma and wrapping the obscure-shaped presents she didn’t want to deal with.

just your average cookie drawer found at your grandmother's house. i feel like this is her "seasonal" drawer.

christmas eve was relatively mild. nothing too crazy.

i mean, my family is crazy, but that’s another story.

por ejemplo: my aunt on christmas eve. (she’s wearing my gold glitter shoe on her left foot and her own boot on her right)

and here are some snazzy photobooth pics of some of the elusive rodriguez clan.

these are my 17 year-old cousins, angelica & michael. they're real cute.

these are my aunts. my mom's identical twin, celina, and michael's mom, edie. they're real cute, too.

ps- i used an app called pocketbooth.
there’s also this really cool app called hipstamatic disposable that lets you share a “disposable” camera with friends. and in true disposable camera nature, you can’t see the photos until the whole roll is full.

christmas was also pretty tame, and i got some sweet stuff!

one of which is mindy kaling’s book, is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns). ummm…i got it yesterday and i finished it today. i kinda loved it. no joke. you should read it.

side note: another book that i got into was the hunger games. i read the majority of it in one day. the next day, i woke up and in a dazed state bought the trilogy on amazon. it was on sale. i just remember thinking, “whaaaat, it’s on sale!?! i gotta have that.” sooo, basically, i feel like if i were to drunkenly shop online it would be for books. books = kryptonite.

i also got that super sweet gadget i talked about in some past post from my grandma. i’ve played around with it and i think we’ve formed a special friendship. i would post something that i’ve made, but i have to adjust to its technicalities…some day soon. promise.

on a related/unrelated note, my grandma gave me something else wrapped like this:

i was really excited/amused by this. she said she didn't know which way to write it, so she just did it every way imaginable. she's pro-labeling.

so yeah. everything feels like a blur. and i STILL haven’t completely healed but it seems to be heading that direction.

(if you want to see the rest of the 25 days of christmas, you can click on these: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, & 25)

now it’s time for some last minute friend-tivities before the end of the world/2012!

hope everyone survived the holidays with minimal injuries!

“pennies from heaven”
louis prima
(freakin love this song)


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