watch out kids, i’m a bad thrower

if you’re reading this, i want to congratulate you on surviving new year’s eve.

you did ittt!
(hopefully with limited damage)

and welcome to 2012!

before hittin up the final day of 2011, i really really really really REALLY want to tell you about this movie called being elmo.

yes. i most definitely mean the red, fuzzy, hugger-lovin muppet.

why? because it’s amazing. that’s why.

check it yo.

i managed to sway/trick/beg amanda and jeff to see it with me last week. we got there a little late because it was only being shown at the museum of fine arts and parking a lil ridic.

umm, did you know they have an auditorium for movies? i didn’t.

you can see what’s playin righ hrr.

so in the documentary they go to the muppet factory. they have a whole drawer full of mustaches. i looked over at amanda at this point and she said, “that’s my dream.” i definitely thought of how many mustache themed parties they could have slash probably have. jealooouuus.

so i super recommend watching it when you can, because it could be considered life-changing. too much? too bad! seriously. watch it.

and now on to the ridiculousness that was the end of the year.

here’s the thing, i don’t really know what happened. not because i was in an immense state of inebriation but because i honestly don’t know how the night transitioned into all of the experienced activities. it was kinda like a dream, when all of a sudden you’re somewhere, someplace doing something. no recollection of how you ended up there…just that you’re there.

here’s how everything can be broken down:

– played skip-bo

– lit some fireworks. as in everyone but me lit fireworks. i don’t mind fireworks, i mean, i thoroughly enjoy them, but strikin a match and lighting something that will be exploding in seconds scares me. irrational fear? shut your mouth, no, it’s not!

also, sparklers. lighting those things scare the crap out of me because all of a sudden it starts hissing and spitting sparks. and then combine that with wind and/or standing next to someone with theirs lit AND the wind element…it was terrifying.

here's the loot.

they're dancing around a firework-type object. it strobed.

side note: i got the title from the adames’ cousin, natalie. she’s 9. and was lighting something and was about to throw it onto the street…where everyone was standing. i secretly thanked her for the warning and laughed because i’m a bad thrower, too, and would probably say the same thing if they placed anything that has potential to go boom-crackle-crackle-pop-fire-crackle-oops in my hand. (the oops is the apology that comes after something has gone awry)

– played king’s cup

– played uno

–here’s where it gets confusing–

– salsa dance party in the living room? next thing i know michael’s trying to suffocate me because he overestimated my height…as in lack thereof.

i swiped this pic from jeff’s twitter feed. sorry, not sorry.

see what i mean? i really can't make this stuff up. the dancuhs in the forefront are the parents (thanks, jeff)

– moved upstairs to have a not-salsa dance party to teach the wobble, and learned some sweet moves from natalie, who isn’t afraid to tell you you’re bad. it was kinda hilarious. there was only one receiver of that criticism and it was patrick. he basically heard variations of this all night: ‘you gotta move ya hips, you’re too stiff,’ and my fave, ‘ok, patrick, i can see your swag now’


– moved back to the original dance party area because mr. adame poured us tequila shots. those were terrible.

– back to natalie’s choreography

– then went back upstairs for sleep prep

so now the year is full of work, weddings, graduating (hopefully!), more weddings, finding a job, and even more weddings.

cheers to the year!
if you’re in a rut, i hope things improve.
if you’re feelin on top of the world, i hope it continues.

2012, please be nice.
i know you’re the beginning of the end of the world and everything, but maybe we can make a deal and be really good pals. just an idea.

“the best is yet to come”
frank sinatra

One Response to “watch out kids, i’m a bad thrower”
  1. catapultm says:

    One, If you were taller, I wouldn’t have suffocate you. Maybe that’s something you can work on in 2012?

    Two. I kinda wanna see that elm movie now…so thanks for that.

    Three. I finished catching fire, and am entranced in Mockingjay. We should have a discussion of all three when I have competed the trilogy.

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