everyone needs to just relax and take a sip of their go-go juice

go-go juice, say wha?

yeah. it’s just your average recipe for a sugar rush followed by overactive behaviors and verbal nonsense that makes others think you’re on crack. then, it ends in a sugar crash and you want another fix…just like crack…from what i’ve read about crack…

i mean all the toddlers on toddlers and tiaras are doing this baby-crack, so it must be ok.

baby-crack. the next gateway drug. watch out.
keep in mind that it’s not actual crack. just baby-crack…so it’s way legal.
i think mine would be like 4 cups of coffee.
yeah. i think that would definitely be it.

think i’m sippin on go-go juice/baby-crack righ nah? you/i wish!

anyway, just let alana, from toddlers and tiaras, break it down for you, honey boo-boo child.

you just really need to watch this horribly awesome video to understand what i’ve just laid out. otherwise, you’d think what you’ve been reading for the past minute is filed under “drunken rant,” but it’s not. i promise.

if you don’t want to watch the whole video (although, i strongly recommend/encourage you to) go to the :30 mark and watch in awe or until you can’t take anymore. your pick.

home girl likes to win moneeeeeh.
i want to befriend this little super star. (she’s a super star because she does pajuhhntsss, duh.)

oh man. alana be cray in the best way.

anyway, soo we’re like mid-january all of a sudden. how did that happen?

at least the beginning of the year/month had a strong start.

the first weekend of good new 2012 (it can’t be good ol’. it just started) i went to a high school friend’s wedding in college station! it was really nice and i got a little teary eyed, but it was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone at the reception…and post-celebrations…if ya know what i mean. not crazy like r-kelly hotel parties…but crazy enough.

we all graduated from st. pius x (spx). there's the groom-friend in mostly white, kind of kneeling. i don't ever remember making the X but i bet you couldn't tell. the high school friend group is pretty big give or take 3-4 folks that were lassoed into this "spx grad" pic that didn't really want to hang out with us in high school. awkwaaard. haha, not really.

also! i’ve started a part-time j-o-b in the bauer business college at UH in their communication department as an assistant graphic designer (it’s very specific). this was my first full week. it’s pretty excitiiing. i’m learning a lot about indesign and photoshop and i want to put a drop shadow on EVERYTHING now. but i’ll refrain.

i took a pic of my workspace.

so i get to work on an imac? it's kinda crazy fancy. and those books in the corner aren't mine. they were there before me...but i was encouraged to take some if not all of them.

so yeah, that’s fun. aaand i’m gonna work on a project that involves the place genevieve is working at. it was a crazy moment when we figured out we were talking about the same work project.

other than that, i’ve been crocheting! i made an infinity scarf using vanna white’s yarn. yeah. THAT vanna white.

it's a mustard color. which i received flack for...apparently that's too trendy a color for a "hipster"

for the avid crocheters out there, i used a star stitch. you can find the pattern/instruction vid here, here, heeere!

here it is in action (thanks to michael because he tweeted it onto the interwebs)

it wrapped around my head thrice! also, adriana could only rock the winky face that night because she was having issues with her contacts and keeping her eyes open.

and now it’s almost time for school to start for the final FINAL time. this is the weekend before the storm.

my class doesn’t have any required texts listed so i’m little concerned. the last time i had a course without required texts had tricky test questions because it was basically what the teacher thought we should’ve paid special attention to during the lectures over the past 3 months. it was tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky. it’s tricky to rock around, to rock around,┬áthat’s right on time, it’s trickeeeeh.

you’re welcome, and thanks, run dmc.

so yeah.

go texans?

there’s a viewing party for the game at my grandma’s tomorrow. should be interesting regardless of the outcome.
update on that lataaaa (i channelled alana just then)
go get your tailgate on and remember to stay classy, kids.

mates of state

4 Responses to “everyone needs to just relax and take a sip of their go-go juice”
  1. My little niece watches that show even though I can’t stand it. There is a fine line between supporting a kids dreams and pushing your own on to them.

    • youseemnice says:

      i completely agree! i’ve only seen one whole episode and then of course this video. i don’t remember much about the episode other than thinking how crazy whacked out the mom’s are and how most of those girls were terrors in tiaras.

  2. Nicole Alvarado says:

    That video was seriously the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen: awful and left me awestruck and awe-inspired to call CPS.

    • youseemnice says:

      hahaha, there’s a lot of awe-mazing things. i don’t know what it is about this little girl, but i just want to meet her. i feel like she’d be really fun for like a couple of minutes then she’d lose the sparkle and she’d be a diva. and i don’t know if i have the patience for a diva let alone a 6 year-old diva. ain’t happenin girlfran.

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