distracting distraction things

to further distract myself from focusing on school (i.e. reading, emailing teachers, finding books and syllabi from past semesters, filing for graduation, blah, blah, blah.) i present a roundup of super awesome things.

all of the things listed below are worthy. trust me.

1) fiverr.com. here’s the headline for the site:

The place for people to share things they’re
willing to do for $5

and they mean ANYTHING. i’m personally intrigued by this one right here because it looks entertaining and is super specific.

it’s basically the best way to lose $5. OR the easiest way to make $5 since you can provide your service/good/what have you.

2) lynda.com. it’s a place to watch video tutorials for software like photoshop, indesign, illustrator, etc… the head designer told me about this and i thought this was awesome, hence the sharing. now everyone can put a drop shadow on things!

3) genevieve. basically a jill-of-all-trades. she made these beyonce gifs (you might have to click on them to see them be gif’ish, i don’t know how to include gifs, which is ironic since i said lynda.com was awesome. whaterr. you’re gonna have to open them in a new tab. sorrrryyyyy):

she made this cake:

she's a super craftaker (crafty baker)

BUT WAIT, this was the inside:

yeah, that's a red and blue cake. she's the betty stewart of my friends (betty crocker + martha stewart = betty stewart) try and deny it.

as if she couldn’t get any better, she goes and makes these bridesmaids‘esque cupcakes whilst attempting to film our own my drunk kitchen: baking edition!


uh yeah. they were awesome, and i didn’t want to touch them because i was afraid of accidentally dropping them.

4) coffee mug cakes. yes. cakes made in coffee mugs. i haven’t made any recently, but i made one like 3ish years ago and it was amazing. you just mix everything in the cup and zap it in the microwave! it blew mah miiind. here’s a list of 10 recipes, TEN. so you should make one and then tell me your baking tale. those are my fave.


5) books. yeah this is kinda nerdy but whatever. so if you haven’t read the hunger games do so immediately for your own good. because if you don’t, i’m probably gonna track you down with my boxed set, tackle you, prop you up, then duct tape your hands to the book. maybe not duct tape because i like the books too much, but i’ll figure something out. i mean it!

not really, but still.
read theeem.

i’m currently reading the girl with the dragon tattoo. it took a while for me to get into it but i’m likin it so far. i’ve only been able to read it during my hour between parking on campus and going into work. it’s tempting to read it at other times, but i have to read things for class now.

that’s the end of my list. it may have ended anti-climactically¬†but whaterr.

now the NERD ALERT shall sound, which probably should have been blaring before #5…

but you know what?

my thoughts exactly.

so this is my LAST class and i have it every wednesday: 20th Century Pop Culture.

so far, SO AWESOME!

on our second class, we watched a documentary on coney island¬†appropriately titled coney island directed by ric burns, whose brother is ken burns. as in the ken burns that created “the ken burns effect.” my brain was exploding at that information.
1) because i know of ken burns
2) because i remembered something from undergrad, yaaaay!

here’s ken burns explaining his effect:


anywho, the documentary was about how it gained popularity with the masses and focused on the amusement parks on the island: steeplechase, dreamland, and luna park.

fun fact: one of the most popular attractions on the island was found in dreamland and it was a display of babies in incubators! apparently doctors didn’t take the inventor of incubators seriously, so he became a main attraction. he ended up saving thousands of babies. so stick that in ya pipes, doctors!

it was super interesting.

so yeah, i’m looking forward to this class…at least for now.

now for work in the morn. ALSO, planning an austin trip! a trip to austin is like a library book.
long overdue.
uhyawelcome. (i need to figure out how to make drums/cymbals out of letters, so just pretend i already learned that and included it here)

peace out girl scouts!

“my body”
young the giant


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