i think i’m getting designer back

oh, haaay.

since last week my back has been kinda sore, so i’ve chalked it up to designer back, which is something i made up. i tend to slouch at work and lean forward a lot, propping my head up on a hand in exasperated creative blockage.

think i sound crazy?
yeah, right!

i found this article on mental floss discussing the ailments that are affecting kids these days (kids = the general population with lots of gadgetry).

here’s the list:

  • text neck
  • blackberry thumb
  • wii wrist
  • ear bud oblivion
  • ipad shoulder
  • hogwarts headache (i think this is the saddest one on the list. it sounds like it’s a side effect of not receiving an acceptance letter, but it’s sooooo much worse)

you can read the article here, here, heeere!

(ps- if you want to meet the bauer comm team, click here! you can also click on our faces and read our bios. we wrote our own.)

since we’re talking about the population and it’s promising future, let’s go back to toddler and tiaras‘ little monster/bundle of cash, alana!

my brother posted this on my facebook wall, so naturally, i had to share!
dr. drew semi-steps in. in this case,”semi-steps in” = make mo moneeeeeh! (yes, that was part alana quote)

and then dr. drew decides to get his go-go juice on…

don’t worry guys, it tastes like apple juice! and makes your tongue swell so you lose the ability to speak. those things are soooo overrated and soooo mainstream, anyway. over theeem.

side note: that reminded me of hipster memes. oh, you want to see one? ummm…let me just–ok!

oh, hipster pup, you're so silly. and no, i've never heard one before. can i still be in your super obscure social circle? yes!?! only because it would be ironic to be friends with me? that's ok with me! (did i just have a pretend conversation with a nonexistent dog? you betcha!)

anywho, i feel like her little heart is gonna explode one day during the talent portion/daisy duke routine.

just say no-no to the go-go!

aaand the super bowl is tomorrow. headin to my grandma’s because it’s practically a holiday.
one day of the year in an environment that welcomes screaming, everyone gets crunk, the success and dominance of a product/brand is measured by their capitalistic ideas, and some leave disappointed? why isn’t this a national holiday yet, obama!?!

haha, oh man. that would be bananas.

to round up this post, i’ll leave you with a family quote.

dad: alyssa, when’d you get here?
me: i was here when you got home. you talked to me?
mom: he knows. he was just being facetious.
dad: alyssa! did she use that in the right context?
me: yes.
dad: dammit.

stay in school, kids.
and austin folks, i’ll see you in SIX days!

“middle finger (feat. mac miller)”
cobra starship
(the song selection doesn’t have a hidden meaning…i just think it’s catchy, promise!)


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