a cat in a unicorn costume, please


side note: i had this song stuck in my head for at least 10 hours last saturday.

luckily my ipod and i were on the same wavelength and it played it on my way to austin (adriana was with me but by this point she was tired of hearing me repeat PAHTY PEOPLLLE so she just gave in to the whoomps) AND THEN in a bar/place on 6th they played it. it was one of those moments where you stop what you’re doing and you look at a friend you know/hope will look at you, too. this resulted in adriana and i screaming at each other…our bad.

anyway, the official business school photographer is going out of town or something next week, so he asked for any last minute requests. here’s mine:

I need a really awesome photo of a cat. Preferably in a unicorn costume.

what makes it even better is that it kinda already exists…

my, what a beautiful mane you have, unicat.

also, this request was made on our inter-office communication service thing, yammer.

it’s kind of like facebook meets twitter for the workplace. we use it to explain what we’re working on or ask questions because we can tag people in the messages, but it shows up like the twitter feed, so everyone who’s in the group can see what’s hip-happenin. sooo i basically looked really cool in front of 7 people. but for the record, he tagged everyone in the message except for me, so our director replied and said ‘what about alyssa, she may have a request.’ and i said ‘i could think of something but that it would probably be super irrelevant.’

i gave them fair warning.

back to what i meant to discuss: AUSTIN.

i saw a couple of lovely faces and met a few fun folks. it was homecoming weekend, but we didn’t really do any of the homecoming activities besides going to the game…which they lost…oh, well!

also, what was with it actually being winter and dropping into the 30s/40s? and of course it had to happen the one weekend a trip to austin was planned. needless to say, it was super cold waiting for that bus to come.

6th street sends its love.

on the same subject of 6th…kind of…ishly.

did yall hear about how leslie, the austin cross-dresser and slightly homeless celeb, is totally packin up and movin to the denver area (which is kind of like the austin of colorado…so i approve).

i don’t think you’ve lived in austin until you’ve encountered leslie.
i mean, who wouldn’t want to meet him!?!

and this looks like it was on a good day.

now i shall share my leslie story.

it was during my sophomore year (07-08) at st. ed’s when i lived with 4 girls/friends on campus in these mini-dorm things called casitas (5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living area, 0 kitchen).

this was my little living unit. yes, that is kayak. yes, it stayed year-round. no, it's not mine; it's ashley's. yes, we had a casita photoshoot. if only this was the most ridiculous thing we did in that poor little area. we definitely had fun. (top-bottom: kat, me, ashley, christy, adriana)

i was with 2 casita-mates, christy and ashley, and we were going somewhere…i don’t really remember where we were headed or if we got there…so we’re in christy’s car and we’re going towards 1 of the 3 entrances/exits on campus when we see a kid with a pretty legit video camera talking and filming this crazy lookin dude. this crazy man was standing in the street, and blowing kisses coupled with questionable hand gestures.

at first, we were like whaaaaa?
then we realized it was leslie. so christy pulls up to him and asks him if he wants a ride.

before i continue, 3 things:

  • christy drives a bright yellow, 2-door, chevy cobalt
  • stranger danger never crossed our minds (we thought it was perfectly safe–we discussed it later)
  • pickin up a homeless guy wearing a super mini-skirt and tank top/bra ensemble wasn’t on my to-do list for that day

ashley and i did a chinese fire drill of sorts and ended up in the backseat with christy and leslie in the front. christy decides to flaunt our catch of the day so she turns around and heads towards the main entrance/exit that spills out onto s. congress (which is kind of like main artery in austin. it dead ends into the capitol). so we’re waiting for christy to turn when we see a carload of people we know from classes/campus in general since it’s so small. they recognize leslie and all i see are dropped jaws and pointing fingers. then i notice christy nodding from the driver’s seat like “yeah, that’s right. it’s exactly who you think it is and he’s in my car.” but i’m pretty sure my face was more of terror and confusion meets smile and nod.

christy asks him where he’d like to go and he gives her the cross-streets and starts talking about his little shack in someone’s backyard that he’s been living in (so he wasn’t entirely homeless). then he talks about how he makes money and something else, but i can’t remember because i think i was still in shock. the only other thing i remember is how he had a gold bluetooth buuut no one saw a phone…?

when we get to the house, he hops out, readjusts a boob and makes sure his skirt isn’t stickin up in the back. pretty sure everyone caught an eye-full on that exit. i don’t remember if he tried to give her anything for the ride, but i wouldn’t be surprised if he offered her drugs or something of equal value.

then a year or 2 later we’re at a party thrown by christy’s older brother and leslie pops up again.
it was a weird night.
it went from 2 guys drunkenly running around the backyard throwing semi-full franzia bags to each other like a football toooooo leslie showing up and being super creepy. someone mentioned something about a lot of girls being there and he said something about how he was like michael jackson and preferred little boys. it was kinda gross.

so yeah. maybe it’s for the best if you’ve never encountered leslie, haha.

soooo who wants to go to denver now?
haaaa, just kidding. kind of. denver is really cool…i wouldn’t mind going back…hmmm.
road trip!

to all the mardi gras partiers: safe travels, don’t lose anyone, don’t get arrested, have fun!

“sad sad city”
ghostland observatory


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